Popular Fall Foliage Destinations In Germany

Germany is a beautiful cultural country rich with plenty of white sand beaches, forests, rivers, landscapes, and so many natural wonders. In the autumn season, nothing excites you in Germany other than fall foliage viewing.

1. Luneburg Nature Park

Address: Prellerweg 47-49, 12157 Berlin, Germany.

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Luneburg Nature Park Photo

This is an amazing fall foliage destination in Germany. This is one of the oldest Nature Parks in Germany with some of the largest collection of plants which changes its leaf color into yellow, red and orange shades. There are spots where you can sit and enjoy the leaf-peeping at its best.

2. Burg Gamburg

Address: Burgweg 29, 97956 Werbach, Germany.

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Burg Gamburg Photo

This 12th-century castle is an architectural wonder in Germany. The castle is surrounded by plenty of trees and when the autumn comes, the leaves become so colorful and it becomes a favorite fall foliage destination for visitors every year.

3. Franconia

Address: Franconia, VA, USA.

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Franconia Photo

Franconia is a beautiful region in Germany with a number of fall foliage destinations. From September end onwards itself you will get changes in viewing leaf-peeping. Popular cities in this region for foliage viewing are Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Bayreuth, Bamberg, etc.

4. Rakotzbrucke

Address: Altes Schloß 11, 02953 Gablenz, Germany.

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Rakotzbrucke Photo

This is one of the favorite destinations in Germany for viewing fall foliage. A 9th-century bridge is a popular attraction in this site and when it is reflected in water, it looks like a perfect circle. Around the bridge, you can enjoy the fall foliage and photographic spots.

5. Spreewald

Address: Pallasstraße 15, 10781 Berlin, Germany.

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Spreewald Photo

This UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve surprises visitors with its stunning natural beauty. This site is popularly known as the ?green lung? of Brandenburg. You can find a beautiful canal which is lined by trees with fall foliage views on both sides.

6. Saxon Switzerland

Address: Germany.

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Saxon Switzerland Photo

Saxon Switzerland is a popular hiking destination in Germany and when you reach the top of the summit and enjoy the breath-taking views of colorful valleys, mountains etc especially would be more beautiful in the autumn season.

7. German Wine Road

Address: Weinstraße, 67169 Kallstadt, Germany.

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German Wine Road Photo

If you would like to enjoy a wine tour, take the trip to the beautiful valleys of vineyards. It is located in Rhineland Palatinate State and the route to vineyards won?t be simply a drive, all the way you can enjoy the leaf-peeping very closely.

8. Munich

Address: Munich, Germany.

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Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany with a number of natural attractions like botanical gardens, public parks etc with fantastic views of fall foliage. English landscape gardens and Olympia Park are the best among them.

9. Black Forest

Address: Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

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Black Forest Photo

This is the largest nature reserve in Germany and always looks like a fairyland. It is popular for all seasons and more crowded in the autumn season. It has beautiful lakes surrounded by trees with colorful leaves and you can enjoy its reflection in lakes, would be an unforgettable visual for visitors.

10. Berlin

Address: Berlin, Germany.

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Berlin Photo

Berlin has a lot of green spaces and October would be the best time to visit the city. There are a number of fall foliage destinations you can find, also enjoy the street arts, festivals etc of Berlin.

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