Popular Things To Do In Grand Bahama

This island is located in the north region of Bahamas. Like any other Bahamas islands, this island is also popular for its pristine beaches. You can take a visit to the largest city in the Bahamas is famous for its international Bazar, Xanadu Beach, Port Lucaya Marketplace, etc. Grand Bahama is rich with natural resources like mangrove swamps, reef-lines coves, rare species of birds and marine life.

1. Lucayan National Park

Address: Bahamas.

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This National Park spreads around 40 acres and was established in 1977. The natural wonder you can explore here is the largest underwater cave system in the World. You can enjoy diving with permission and swimming is not allowed. There are two caves which are open to the public.

2. Mather Town Beach

Address: Mather Town Drive, Freeport, The Bahamas.

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This beach attracts visitors with its long soft sand stretches and tranquil waters. This is one of the most populous beaches on this island. You can find cafes, restaurants with excellent seafood dishes and unlimited swimming options.

3. Snorkeling

Address: 30 Beach Way Drive, Box F-44166, Silver Point Beach, Bahamas, Freeport, Bahamas.

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This would be a paradise for snorkelers. The crystal clear water of the beaches allows you to explore the colorful aquatic species of this island. Dead Man's Reef and Peterson Cay National Park are some of the popular snorkeling destinations in this island.

4. Scuba Diving

Address: Bahama Reef Blvd, Freeport, Bahamas.

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This island has plenty of diving options for visitors. While diving, you will get chances to see very closely the cutest marine species like bottlenose shark and the giant nurse sharks. Diving can be enjoyed by all skill leveled people from here.

5. Dead Man's Reef

Address: Deadmans Reef, The Bahamas.

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A reef located near within few yards from the beach is the highest attraction of this site. Also, it has long white sand stretches and crystal clear water. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, spearfishing, etc from her. Also find beachfront restaurants with fresh fish dishes.

6. Gold Rock Beach

Address: Gold Rock Beach, The Bahamas.

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This beach attracts visitors with its scenic views. You need to bring food and chairs as it is not available here. Some of the Hollywood Cinemas filmed here for its scenic beauty.

7. Xanadu Beach

Address: Xanadu Beach, Freeport, The Bahamas.

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This beach is a paradise for those who love watersports. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, etc over here. The water bottom is very clear so that you will be able to see the marine species very clearly.

8. Port Lucaya Marketplace

Address: Sea Horse Rd, Freeport, Bahamas.

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If you are a shopping lover, this would be a must-visit destination for you. This is one of the oldest market places in this island with colorful shops. You can find colorful shops, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc at one place over here.

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