Popular Things To Enjoy At Ecuador

Ecuador becomes a popular tourist destination because there are so many things to explore includes the very famous Amazon Jungle, Amazon River, Galapagose Island, Historic centres, Wildlife reserves and ofcource Equator-the middle of the city. Popular among them are:

1. San Francisco Church, Quito

Address: Cuenca 477, Quito 170401, Ecuador.

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San Francisco Church, Quito Photo

This is a 16th century Roman Catholic Church in Quito. Amazing architecture makes this church a popular tourist destination. Mudejar architecture style was used for construction of this church. There is a public square you can find infront of this church know as Plaza de San Francisco, a courtyard and chapels are to visit and this church maintains 3500 colonial artworks , Virgin of Quito etc.

2. Montanita

Address: Montanita, Ecuador.

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Montanita Photo

Montanita is a charming coastal town with pristine white sand beaches. The town attracts you with bars, sea food restaurant, night clubs etc. This is a popular surfing destination in Ecuador. There are number of resorts available to give you the best accommodation facilities.

3. Galapagose Islands

Address: Leonidas Plaza Guitierrez, Quito 170143, Ecuador.

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Galapagose Islands Photo

Probably one of the first things you can do in Ecuador. It consists of number of volcanic islands and a popular destination for wildlife watching. The largest island among them is Isabela. Here is Charles Darwin developed the Theory of evolution. You can enjoy swimming over here and there are chances to meet the colourful marine lives.

4. Visiting Otavalo Market

Address: PanAm Hwy, Otavalo, Ecuador.

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Visiting Otavalo Market Photo

This is one of the colourful things you can enjoy in Ecuador. This is considered as the largest market of South America. Saturday is best to visit the market with huge number of small shops with variety of items. Handicrafts and handmade dress materials are the highlights of this market.

5. Amazon Jungle

Address: Amazon Rainforest, Codajás - State of Amazonas, 69450-000, Brazil.

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Amazon Jungle Photo

You must visit this rainforest that you heard many times before, the largest tropical rainforest. The forest is rich with biodiversities and flora& fauna. You can visit the famous Amazon River and many other rivers. There are chances to meet number of wildlife throughout your travel.

6. Cuenca

Address: Cuenca, Quito, Ecuador.

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Cuenca Photo

This is another popular travel destination in Ecuador. This historic city has many things to offer you including heritage sites, Old Cathedrals, colonial architecture, narrow streets and so many shopping areas. The popular things you can enjoy here include Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Parque Calderon, Gran Colombia, Museum of Aboriginal Cultures, and Museum of Modern Art etc.

7. Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Address: Ecuador.

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Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve Photo

This National Park was established in 1979, one of the largest reserve and protected areas in Amazon rainforest. You can find the most biodiversities on earth over here. This is located at the foothills of Andes Mountains. The area is rich with lakes, creeks, forests, and variety species of birds and animals.

8. Banos

Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre N50-177 José Rafael Bustamante, Quito 170513, Ecuador.

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Banos Photo

This is known as the adventure capital of Ecuador. It has number of hot springs, water falls, active volcanoes etc and the number of activities you can enjoy here includes kayaking, river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, climbing, canyoning etc.

9. Cotopaxi

Address: Juan León Mera N24-91 y, Quito 170524, Ecuador.

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Cotopaxi Photo

This is the second highest summit in Ecuador and one of the highest active volcanoes in the World. The volcano is situated on Andes Mountain with the height of 5897m. This is a favourite location for hikers and other locals. Mountain biking is also a popular activity you can enjoy here.

10. Middle of the World

Address: Manuel Cordova Galarza Km. 13, 5 SN, Quito, Ecuador.

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Middle of the World Photo

As everyone knows Equator is the Middle of the city, stop a moment over here. This site is located at the San Antonio Parish, Quito. You will get bus trips that will lead you to this landmark. Most people use to take photos from here. There are small monuments available nearby areas.

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