Potugal- The Land Of Culture And History

Portugal is located in the Western part of the Iberian Peninsula, one of the oldest Countries in Europe. Portugal is rich with beautiful beaches, traditional cities and unique Culture and warm climate. Lisbon is the Capital as well largest city in Portugal on the side of River Tagus welcomes you with famous tourist destinations like Sintra, Cascais, Montijo, Palmela etc. Apart from these various natural sceneries await you like The Azores- group of islands, Algarve beaches, Pico- the highest mountain in Portugal. Today Portugal is considered as a Heritage site for travelers across the world. The Best Things to do in Portugal

1. Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos

Address: Praça do Império 1400-206 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos Photo

It is a former monastery of Saint Jerome located near Tagus River, Lisbon. In 1983, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture expresses the Manueline style in the 16th Century. Left of the entrance you can see the Monuments of Vasco Da Gama and famous poet Luis Vaz de Camoes. The most noticeable portion of this Monastery is ornate side entrance of South Portal.

2. Oceanario de Lisboa

Address: Esplanada Dom Carlos I s/nº, 1990-005 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Oceanario de Lisboa Photo

This is an Oceanarium in Lisbon. This is the largest indoor Aquarium in Europe. It is located at Parque das Nacoes. This aquarium has a larger collection of marine species including Sharks, penguins, starfish, seagulls; rays etc. will be an exciting experience especially for children. A major attraction in this aquarium is Sunfish, which need special care. The total area divided into four named North Atlantic, Antarctic, Tropical Indian Coral reef and Temperate Pacific Kelp Forest.

3. Palacio Nacional de Sintra

Address: Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, 2710-616 Sintra, Portugal.

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Palacio Nacional de Sintra Photo

The National Palace Sintra, a Royal Palace in Sintra, Portugal was popularly known as Palacio da Vila, the Town Palace. It is now considered as a historic museum. The most attractive view of this palace is 2 large conic chimneys of the kitchen with a height of 33meters considered as the symbol of Syntra. The interior, as well as the exterior of this Palace, arranged in a way that it explains the culture of Architecture in Portugal.

4. Matosinhos Beach

Address: Av. Norton de Matos, 4450-208 Matosinhos, Portugal.

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Matosinhos Beach Photo

Matosinhos is the largest beach in northern Porto district, Portugal. The beauty of this beach attracts visitors by its golden sands & waves, the perfect place for Surfing. It is a major port & fishing town, and famous for fish restaurants. Summer season is the most crowded time here. The beach offers you various water sports and entertainment activities.

5. Torre de Belem

Address: Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Torre de Belem Photo

Belem Tower is popularly known as "Tower of St. Vincent" located on the northern bank of Tagus in Lisbon and built in 1521. UNESCO classified this site as "Cultural Heritage of Humanity". The architecture includes both medieval keep tower and modern bulwark. It is considered as a cultural reference and a symbol of Uniqueness of Portugal.

6. Furnas Lake

Address: Estrada Regional do Sul, Lagoa das, 9675-090 Furnas, Portugal.

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Furnas Lake Photo

The beautiful Furnas Lake is located in the Azores and a popular area for 3 active volcanoes in the Eastern Island. This area is famous for natural hot springs and the Gorreana Tea Factory. The blue and green colored water in Furnas Lake catch your eyes as well as a mind. Canoeing and hiking facilities also arranged here.

7. Convento Do Cristo

Address: Largo do Carmo, 1200-092 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Convento Do Cristo Photo

The Covent of Christ was a former Roman Catholic Convent, Tomar now considered as a "historic and cultural Monument" by UNESCO. This convent has different architectural styles like Manueline, Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque. Interior of the round church is decorated by late gothic painting. The famous, chapter house window is constructed beautifully.

8. Bom Jesus do Monte

Address: Estrada do Bom Jesus, 4715-056 Tenões, Portugal.

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Bom Jesus do Monte Photo

It name explained Good Jesus of the Mount. It is located in Tenoes, outside the city of Braga. It is a famous historic pilgrimage site in Portugal. This is famous for it's the zigzag steps are built in granite and white facade with Baroque style. There are many small chapels can see and each chapel is decorated with terra cotta sculptures. Four fountains are also able to see around these chapels. Finally, the journey reaches at Church of God.

9. Universidade de Coimbra

Address: Cidade Universitária, Alameda da Universidade, 1649-004 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Universidade de Coimbra Photo

The University of Coimbra is a public University in Coimbra, Portugal. It is established in 1920in Lisbon and in 2013, UNESCO added this University into world heritage list. This is one of the Oldest University in the World. Visiting through Botanical gardens, Huge Central Library, stadium, Theatre, an astronomical observatory etc. will be an amazing experience.

10. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

Address: Av. de Berna 45A, 1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Museu Calouste Gulbenkian Photo

Calouste Gulbenkian is a Portuguese Museum in Lisbon. This museum includes a collection of 6400 pieces of art. The famous of them are Hermitage paintings, antiques of the 20th century, Roman Medallions, coins, ceramics, prints, and art expresses the Culture of Asia, Europe, Roman, Greek, and Islamic.

11. Castelo de Guimaraes

Address: R. Conde Dom Henrique, Guimarães, Portugal.

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Castelo de Guimaraes Photo

The Guimaraes castle is located in the Northern region of Portugal. This was built in the 10th century during the period of Mumadona Dias and modified over the period of time. This is considered as a National symbol of Portugal & includes 8 rectangular towers, military square, and a central keep. This castle surrounded by a forest park and various pedestrian trials.

12. 25th April Bridge

Address: Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisboa, Portugal.

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25th April Bridge Photo

This is the largest suspension bridge in Europe connecting Lisbon and Almada across Tagus River. It was inaugurated in 1966. Travel through train offers you the amazing sightseeing of the city.

13. Torre de Clerigos

Address: Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Torre de Clerigos Photo

Clerigos church is located in the city of Porto is a Baroque masterpiece. Torre dos Clerigos is a tall bell tower in this church, where you can see the different points of the city. The construction of this Church started in 1732 & completed in 1763. 240 steps are there to climb to reach the top of this tower.

14. Castelo de Sao Jorge

Address: R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo, 1100-129 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Castelo de Sao Jorge Photo

This is a Moorish Castle located in a hilltop and considered as the historic center of Lisbon. The castle complex consists of the castle, some ancillary buildings, garden and a large terrace square from where the beautiful views of Lisbon are possible. This castle built in the mid of 11th century.

15. Evora

Address: Evora, Portugal.

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Evora Photo

Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage site is located in Alentejo region, Portugal. This is the best tourist destination point in Portugal. Evora includes various monuments of ancient periods and a famous Roman Temple also situated here. The top views of this place are Fountain of Portas de Moura, Holi Spirit College, and Palace of the counts of Basto, Roman Temple, and Prata Aqueduct etc.

16. Mosteiro Palacio Nacional de Mafra

Address: Terreiro D. João V, Mafra, Portugal.

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Mosteiro Palacio Nacional de Mafra Photo

The Palace of Mafra is located in Mafra, Portugal. The construction of this Palace started in 1717 and ends in 1755. This palace included in the 7 wonders of Portugal. It was considered as the secondary residence of the Royal family once. This was built in Baroque style. It includes a Basilica, Monastery, and Royal apartments.

17. Igreja de Santo Antonio and the Museu Municipal

Address: Largo de Santo António da Sé, 1100-401 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Igreja de Santo Antonio and the Museu Municipal Photo

The Municipal Museum is located in Lagos, Algarve region founded in 1932. This museum gives you the views of Portugal history, coinage, artwork etc. At the end of this museum can see a Baroque church of Santo Antonio, beautifully decorated with azulejo tiles with golden paint.

18. Silves Castle

Address: R. do Castelo, 8300-135 Silves, Portugal.

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Silves Castle Photo

This is a Moorish Castle located in Algarve, Portugal. It was built by Romans or Visigoths. Silves castle considered as a National Monument in 1910. The top attraction of this castle is it is made up with red sandstone.

19. Palacio Da Bolsa

Address: Largo Ajuda, 1349-021 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Palacio Da Bolsa Photo

The Stock exchange palace is located in Porto, Portugal. This historical building constructed in Neoclassical style by Commercial association of the City in 19th Century. Since 1982, this building considered as a National monument & as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The rooms of this palace are displayed with the famous paintings of Jose Maria Veloso and Jose Marques De Oliveira. The most attractive room in this palace is the Arab room built by Goncalves e Sousa.

20. The Amarante

Address: Amarante, Portugal, Portugal.

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The Amarante Photo

The City Amarante located in Porto is listed in UNESCO Creative Sites Network under the category of the City of Music. The Tamega River flows through the City. The architecture of this town is mostly in Romanesque Style. The popular Monuments can see here are Colonnades, Arches, Tympana and Columns. The Amarante Cakes are world famous.

21. Cabo da Roca

Address: Estrada do Cabo da Roca s/n, 2705-001 Colares, Portugal.

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Cabo da Roca Photo

Cabo da Roca is a headland situated in Sintra, the westernmost point of Europe. It is 150 meters above sea level and the major views from here are The Atlantic coast, a lighthouse, the monuments, and Cliffs. Sunset viewing is a beautiful activity in this area.

22. Ribeira District

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Ribeira District Photo

Ribeira is known as Porto's Riverside quarter. In 1996, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. The major river flows through Ribeira district is Douro River. The famous Ribeira Square is located in the center of this District. The city's most attractive view is the fountain decorated with coat-of-arms in the northern part of the square, the statue of St. John, the Baptist, the sculpture of Joao Cutileiro and the modern cubic sculpture by Jose Rodrigues.

23. Ria Formosa Natural Park

Address: 8700-225 Olhão, Portugal.

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Ria Formosa Natural Park Photo

Ria Formosa Natural Natural Park stretches 70km2 lagoon and coastline is a homeland for different types of birds during migrating periods. This natural park created to protect the ecosystem in Algarve, Southern Portugal region. This area is rich with Canals, islands, and landscapes. The Symbol of this park is the name of the rare species bird only can see here "Sultan Hen". The traditional activity in this region is salt extraction and shellfish harvesting.

24. Porto Moniz

Address: Porto Moniz, Portugal.

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Porto Moniz Photo

Porto Moniz is a small town located in North West corner of Madeira Island made with towering mountains and best scenery of deep blues of Atlantic Ocean. This town is beautiful with natural lava pools to facilitate swimming and paddling that attracts tourists largely. Near to it, a walk to Levada de Ribeira da Janela which facilitates the best sceneries and coastal hikes.

25. Porto Calem Winery

Address: Av. de Diogo Leite 344, 4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

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Porto Calem Winery Photo

The journey through Portugal is not ending without tasting the famous Porto Wine. Porto Calem Winery is one of the famous wineries in Portugal by producing quality wines. This winery is situated close to Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia and founded in mid of 19th Century by Salem family. They manufacture tasty red and white wines.

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