Rock Climbing - The Destiny Of Adventure And Excitement

Rock climbing is one of the highest Adventurous and thrilling Sports activity. Rock climbing is of different types like Indoors as well as natural structures. Here is the list of Top 20 Best Rock climbing destinations in the World.

1. Costa Blanca, Spain

Address: Calle de Bravo Murillo, 3, 28015 Madrid, Spain.

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Costa Blanca, Spain Photo

Costa Blanca is located at Alicante Province, on the Southeastern coast of Spain. It is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe. If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, Costa Blanca is the perfect place. It is rich with excellent limestone crags and towers for Climbing. The rock climbing here extends from short sing pitch roadside crags through to long multi-pitch routes in the mountains. The major rock climbing areas here are Gandia area, Xalo Valley, Calpe Area, Benidorm Area, Alicante area and Murcia Area.

2. Costa Daurada, Spain

Address: Costa Daurada, Tarragona, Spain.

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Costa Daurada, Spain Photo

Costa Daurada is located in Catalunya, the South West of Barcelona is famous for Single Pitch rock climbing in Spain. The best time for rock climbing in Costa Daurada is spring and autumn. Here climbers can choose from options like inland climbing, sports climbing and grade 5 and above according to their interest. The popular crags are located near to major tourist places and coastal areas. Perfect Limestone rock climbing gives you a new experience.

3. Fontainebleau, France

Address: 77300 Fontainebleau, France.

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Fontainebleau, France Photo

Fontainebleau is located at South East of Paris, is famous for its concentrated bouldering areas. Most of the boundaries can see in forest areas. Climbing through the sandstone rock is generally soft and of good quality. The major climbing areas here are The Trois Pignons area-The largest rock climbing area, Bas Cuvier & Gorges d' Apremont, Franchard and Fontainebleau and L'Elephant.

4. Orpierre- Haute Provence, France

Address: 05700 Orpierre, France.

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Orpierre- Haute Provence, France Photo

Orpierre is a small climbing village located at South east of France. Various sport climbing & traditional climbing crags are available in this area which is easily accessible. There are more than 500 routes spread over these crags. The top climbing areas here are Cascade, Chateau, Adrench, Ascles, and Les Blaches etc.

5. Dolomites, Italy

Address: Dolomites, 32023 Rocca Pietore, Province of Belluno, Italy.

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Dolomites, Italy Photo

This is a Mountain Region in Italy. There are beautiful steep limestone rocks can see in this are so this is one of the best places for Rock climbing. Different rock climbing roots like Single pitch sports root, long moderate alpine routes & big wall routes are available here. The most well-known route here is "The Sella Towers & Piz Ciavazes". 'Marmolada' is the highest mountain in Dolomites, 800ft limestone wall.

6. Pembrokeshire, UK

Address: Pembrokeshire, UK.

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Pembrokeshire, UK Photo

Pembrokeshire is one of the best Climbing locations in the UK. It is a Coast National Park. Pembrokeshire is famous for Sea- cliff climbing, maybe a new experience for most of the climbers. Some of the major routes here are Christmas Chasm- Range West, Bow-shaped corner-Range East, Act of God-North Pembroke, Heart of darkness-Stackpole etc.

7. The Peak District, UK

Address: Bakewell, United Kingdom.

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The Peak District, UK Photo

This is the 1st National Park in Central England. This area is rich with deep limestone Valleys. It includes challenging routes like Santage edge & Roaches. The high quality of climbing facilities is maintaining for climbers. The Major routes are Flying Buttress, Heaven Crack, Saul's crack, Bond street etc.

8. Kalymnos, Greece

Address: Kalymnos, Municipality of Kalymnos 852 00, Greece.

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Kalymnos, Greece Photo

Kalymnos is a Greek Island. The best attraction of Kalymnos is Sports Climbing. This area is rich with Orange limestones. Single and double pitch sports routes are available here. The top sports routes are Caligula, Saule, Crack, Pingu, Saphir etc.

9. Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Address: California, United States.

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Yosemite National Park, California, USA Photo

Yosemite National Park is at Nevada Mountains, California. This is one of the best areas to climb lovers around the world. Half Dome and El Captain climbing are the best climbing experience for you ever. Classic climbing routes in here are Zodiac, Snake Dike, The Noise, Sons of yesterday etc.

10. Joshua Tree, California, USA

Address: Joshua Tree, CA 92252, USA.

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Joshua Tree, California, USA Photo

This is a National Park made up with two ecosystems like the Colorado and Mojave. The feature of this area contains stark desert landscapes and rugged rock formations.1000s of routes in crags are available here. This is known as the paradise for rock climbers.

11. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Address: Colorado, United States.

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA Photo

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the famous as well as most visited National Parks in the World. It is situated in Northern Colorado. This park protects the diverse ecosystems like the Rocky Mountains, Forests and alpine tundra. Longs Peak is the tallest mountain over here. The climbing through here is challenging & exciting. Some of the well-known routes are Blitzen Ridge, Northeast Ridge, South West corner, Flying Buttress etc.

12. Moab, Utah, USA

Address: Moab, UT 84532, USA.

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Moab, Utah, USA Photo

Moab is famous for Arches National Park's red rock formations. This city is situated in Eastern Utah. The specialty of this area contains soft stone and a desert environment. Adventure climbing through Roadside walls, Indian Creek and Fisher Towers etc. The top climbing routes here are North Chimney, Incredible hand crack, Fine Jade, Scarface, Pente etc.

13. Banff & Jasper, Alberta- Canada

Address: 100 Gopher St Suite 2, Banff, AB T1L 1J3, Canada.

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Banff & Jasper, Alberta- Canada Photo

Banff and Jasper National Parks located in the Rocky Mountains in the Alberta province consists of Lakes, Peaks, and glaciers. Climbing through the Canadian Rockies will give you an unforgettable experience. Major climbing areas are Cascade Mountain & Mt.Rundle, Mts. Edith & Cory, Lake Louise & Moraine Lake climbing and Castle Mountain. Jasper National Park is fewer crowds but exciting. Ice climbing is the specialty of this area during the winter season. Mt.Colin & Mt.Edith Carvell are the popular routes over here.

14. Squamish, Canada

Address: Squamish, BC, Canada.

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Squamish, Canada Photo

Squamish city is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The peculiar feature of this area is climbing through granite cliffs. The crags over here are easily accessible. The popular climbing destination is the Stawamus Chief, famous for multi-pitch routes. Other climbing destinations are Murrin Park, Shannon Falls, The Smoke Bluffs, The Grand Wall Boulders & other smaller crags.

15. Patagonia & San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Address: San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina.

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Patagonia & San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina Photo

San Carlos de Bariloche is located at Patagonia province, Argentina. Bariloche is famous for its Swiss Alpine style Architecture and exciting activities like Mountaineering, trekking, and skiing. Climbing the big points like Massifs of Fits Roy, Cerro Torre, and Torres Del Paine gives you amazing experiences. For climbing lovers, Patagonia welcomes you in a great Climbing week for an exciting opportunity.

16. The Grampians and Arapiles, Victoria, Australia.

Address: Mount Arapiles, Arapiles VIC 3409, Australia.

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The Grampians and Arapiles, Victoria, Australia. Photo

This is the Top climbing destination in Australia. Mount Arapiles consist of Rocks with 140 meters above Wimmera Plains, Australia.1000s of routes are available here. The first climbing happened in the point called "Pinnacle Face". The quality& quantity, the weather, accessibility are the factors for attracting climbers over here. The major climbing areas are Declaration Crag, Bushranger Bluff, Colosseum Wall, King Rat Cliffs, The Atridae, The Organ Pipes etc.

17. Wharepapa, North Island - New Zealand

Address: Calle del Pinar, 7, 28006 Madrid, Spain.

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Wharepapa, North Island - New Zealand Photo

Wharepapa is located in the Auckland region in New Zealand. The popular crags in this area are Froggatt Edge, Secret Valley, Halls, Gower, and Waipapa etc. WharePapa includes major 561 routes. Wharepapa is famous for outdoor sporting in Mountains.

18. Yangshuo, China

Address: Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

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Yangshuo, China Photo

This is a resort town in the Guangxi region, China famous for its Karst Mountain Landscape and outdoor recreation activities. This is known as "Tourist Mecca" of Guilin country. The major crags here are The White Mountain, Wine bottle, Swiss cheese, and Moon Hill. Yangshuo Climbing festival conducted over a week annually.

19. Krabi Region, Thailand

Address: Krabi, Thailand.

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Krabi Region, Thailand Photo

This is located at the Southern Thailand region is famous for its sheer limestone cliffs, offshore islands, mangrove forests. Railay and Ton Sai are the major climbing areas here. This is a perfect place for climbing beginners and easily accessible.

20. Rocklands, South Africa

Address: Rocklands, Cape Town, 7798, South Africa.

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Rocklands, South Africa Photo

Rocklands is located in Cederberg Mountains, 3 hours north of Cape Town. This looks like an isolated and semi-deserted area. This is famous for its bouldering and an excellent place for Sports climbing. Cape Nature land is the major climbing destination here. This area featured with high-quality red sandstone & safe for climbing.

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