Sydney’s Popular Surfing Destinations

Here is the list of top 10 amazing surfing destinations in Sydney, Australia.

1. Bondi Beach

Address: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia.

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This is one of the pristine beaches in Australia with long white sand stretches and tranquil water. You can enjoy plenty of water sports activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc over her. On the beachside, you can find several restaurants, cafes, pubs, resorts, etc and all those together make your day over here marvelous. And if you want to learn surfing lessons peacefully, choose a weekday to visit here.

2. Garie Beach

Address: Garie Beach, Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia.

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You can explore this stunning beach in Royal National Park. This beach is famous for a left-hand break and suitable for moderate or advanced surfers.

3. Umina Beach

Address: Umina, Umina Beach NSW 2257, Australia.

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You can find several surfing schools to start your surfing lessons over this beach. It is popular for consistent waves which makes your surfing a memorable experience.

4. Palm beach

Address: Palm Beach NSW 2108, Australia.

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This beach is so attractive with long soft sand stretches and crystal clear water. Surfing over here is suitable for all levels of surfers and the beach is very popular for the TV show’ "Home and Away" which is filmed over here. You can enjoy surfing in a protected corner and even a safe spot to teach your kids surfing lessons.

5. Long Reef beach

Address: Long Reef Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

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This beach has crystal clear waters with rock and sand bottom. This beach is situated on the northern end of Dee Why Beach and a protected marine area. You can enjoy surfing with smooth and regular waves. If the winds are stronger, you can enjoy surfing in the southern corner.

6. Bilgola Beach

Address: Bilgola Beach NSW 2107, Australia.

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This beach attracts visitors with its scenic beauty. This family-friendly beach has long white sandy stretches lined with palm trees. Bilgola is famous for its consistent waves in the entire Northern region, and it is protected from southeast swells.

7. Greenhills beach

Address: Greenhills Beach NSW 2230, Australia.

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This would be the best and peaceful spot where you can learn the surfing lessons in a calm atmosphere. This beach is situated on the northern end of Cronulla Beach. It has amazing surf schools to give basic instructions and lessons about surfing.

8. Freshwater Beach

Address: Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia.

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This is the oldest surfing destination nearly 100 years ago, people started learning or enjoying surfing over this beach. You can find plenty of surfing schools also to improve your surfing skills.

9. Whale beach

Address: Whale Beach NSW 2107, Australia.

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Whale beach is one of the luxurious beaches in Sydney with all modern amenities and a favorite one for celebrities. It has stronger and faster waves so that only this beach surfing are advisable for experienced surfers.

10. Collaroy Beach

Address: Collaroy Beach, Collaroy NSW 2097, Australia.

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This beach is located on the Southern end and considered as the best in south swells. It has amazing breaks and regular waves so that you can enjoy an amazing surfing experience from here.

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