Take A Trip To The Interior Wonders Of Samoa

Well, Samoa is an Island country with a number of natural wonders ranging from natural cave pools, active volcanoes, majestic islands, National Parks, museums and waterfalls. Samoa is a very clean city as it is less exploited and it is really interesting to experience the culture and historical facts of Samoans. The travel tip for visiting Samoa;

1. Mount Matavanu

Address: Mount Matavanu, Samoa.

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Mount Matavanu Photo

You can witness the active volcano over here; Mount Matavanu with an elevation of 571 m on the Island of Savai'i in Samoa. This region is filled with natural vegetation and wildlife. The recent eruption happened here from 1905 to 1911 with lava flows to coastline and sea. The way is a bit terrible but sure, at last, you will enjoy the views from the top.

2. Piula Cave Pool

Address: Samoa.

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Piula Cave Pool Photo

This is one of the top attractions in Samoan tourism, where you can find the amazing natural freshwater pool. You can enjoy swimming and diving in the cool water and you can also find a chapel on the right top of the cave. This Piula Cave pool is situated on the north coast of Upolu.

3. Upolu Island

Address: Apia, Samoa.

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Upolu Island Photo

With the length of 75kms, Upolu Island becomes the second largest island in Samoa. The highlights of this island are white sand beaches, clear waters, and blue lagoons. You can spend a romantic evening here or if you are a water sports lover you can do diving, swimming, fishing and surfing over here. Upolu's interior excites you with lush green forests, waterfalls, and rivers.

4. Museum of Samoa

Address: Apia, Samoa.

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Museum of Samoa Photo

This colonial building of museum established in 1999 exhibits several artifacts of the Pacific Islands and photos. You can also understand the culture and traditions of Samoa and the living style of ancient people.

5. National Park of American Samoa

Address: American Samoa.

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National Park of American Samoa Photo

This National Park spreads around three islands named Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta'u with an area of 13500 acres. This Park was established in 1988 with the intention to protect coral reefs, fruit bats, rainforests and the culture of Samoa. The thrilling activities you can enjoy here are hiking, snorkeling, and swimming.

6. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Address: Vailima, Cross Island Rd, Apia, Samoa.

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Robert Louis Stevenson Museum Photo

This was a home for the famous author Robert Louise Stevenson and this became a famous historic point in Samoa. You will realize his love for this country and he had lived for 5 years with his wife before death.

7. Aganoa Beach

Address: Aganoa Beach, Salelologa, Samoa.

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Aganoa Beach Photo

This beautiful beach is situated on the western coast of Samoa. This is a popular surfing beach and the place where the 2007 South Pacific Surfing competition was held. There is beach fall where you can relax for a white and the white sand beaches, a cool wind, clear blue waters, etc adds the beauty of this beach.

8. Papapapaitai Falls

Address: Cross Island Rd, Samoa.

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Papapapaitai Falls Photo

This is one of the highest waterfalls in Samoa and surrounded by lush forests. It has a height of 100m and which flows towards a deep gorge. On the way to this waterfall would be really thrilling and you can enjoy several natural scenics spots and people can enjoy hiking here too.

9. EFKS Fine Arts Museum

Address: Samoa.

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EFKS Fine Arts Museum Photo

This museum contains creative artworks of talented artists and is functioning as a part of the fine arts school. You can find several meaningful sculptures and paintings here. This museum is maintained by Congregational Christian Church. The contemporary artworks and woodcarvings are really inspiring and worth to watch.

10. Alofaaga Blowholes

Address: Palauli, Samoa.

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Alofaaga Blowholes Photo

This is a natural phenomenon you can find in the district of Palauli and it has another name as Taga Blowholes. You can see the power of waves in its clearest form from here. The water will jet with 100 ms of height and people use to throw coconuts into the hole and it will get a blast in the air with water.

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