The Best Things To Do In French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection of beautiful 100 islands in South Pacific. The interesting things to do here is white sand beaches, hiking, ATV tours, museums, cultural centers, some of the best seafood dishes, etc. Here is the list of things you can enjoy in French Polynesia

1. Bora Bora

Address: Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

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Bora Bora Photo

This is a small beautiful island located in the northwest of Tahiti, French Polynesia. The attractive factors of this tiny island are the crystal clear water, coral reefs, white sand beaches, etc. This is a popular scuba diving spot in French Polynesia. Bora Bora is a popular honeymoon destination too because of its unrivaled beauty.

2. Museum of Street Art

Address: 12 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, Papeete 98714, French Polynesia.

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This is a popular art museum in Tahiti established by Jean Ozonder and Sarah Roopinia. In October, here conducts the International festival of street arts. Here you can find a number of varieties of murals created by popular graffiti artists.

3. Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Address: 56 Avenue du Commandant Destremau, Papeete 98713, French Polynesia.

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Robert Wan Pearl Museum Photo

This Pearl museum is the first the World which is dedicated to pearls and located in Tahiti. By visiting this museum you will be familiar with the history and legends of pearls. The museum was created by Pearl legend Robert Wan in order to give awareness among visitors. Black pearls are the highest attraction in this museum.

4. Rangiroa

Address: Avatoru PF, French Polynesia.

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Rangiroa Photo

Rangiroa becomes popular because you can find World's second atoll over here. This is beautiful and less crowded so that you can relax for a while. You can enjoy here in many ways by scuba diving, snorkeling, boat tours, and while boat tours you will have points to watch common bottlenose dolphins and there is a famous blue lagoon also can find in the atoll.

5. Polynesian Cuisine

Address: 1201 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States.

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The main attractive factor of Polynesia cuisine is there are varieties of mouthwatering seafood dishes you can find. Most of the dishes include fruits flavor. Dishes with fish itself have a number of ways of preparations which stay in your mind forever.

6. Paul Gauguin Museum

Address: Teva I Uta, French Polynesia.

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Paul Gauguin Museum Photo

Paul Gauguin Museum is dedicated to the life and works of renowned artist Paul Gauguin which is constructed in Japanese style in Tahiti. It has exhibitions of real paintings, candid photos, etc. The museum has a beautifully decorated garden and if you are an art lover don't miss to visit this museum. The museum is closed now for renovation purposes.

7. ATV Tours

Address: ATEIVI Building, Rue Mgr Tepano Jaussen, Papeete 98714, French Polynesia.

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ATV Tours Photo

This is one of the most thrilling activities you can enjoy in French Polynesia. The exciting trip takes you to the top of Moorea peak. There are maximum 6 people can take a trip and while the tour you can enjoy wonderful pineapple farms, stunning views of Cook and Opunohu Bays, amazing beauty of mountains and rivers and there are agricultural schools where you can buy naturally made jams.

8. Papeete Inner Island

Address: BP457 PPT Centre Commercial Pacific Plazza, Faaa 98702, French Polynesia.

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Papeete Inner Island Photo

If you want to enjoy the inner side of French Polynesia, the best way is to take a full day jeep safari which will take you to the deep forest. These guided tours enable you to enjoy the lush forests, waterfalls where you can swim, Mount Marau, archaeological sites, etc. There is a number of photographic spots also you can find.

9. Tereia Beach

Address: Terei'a Beach, French Polynesia.

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The tiny beautiful white sand beach you can find in the Maupiti Island, French Polynesia. The highlights of this beach include crystal clear lagoon, white sand beaches and you can relax under the shadow of palm trees. Also, there are a number of restaurants which offer you delicious seafood dishes.

10. Tiki Village

Address: PK 31 Côté Mer Haapiti Moorea, 98729, French Polynesia.

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Tiki Village Photo

When you really want to explore the culture and traditions of French Polynesia, take a tour to Tiki Village. You can enjoy the traditional island dances, stone carving, tattooing, painting, their way of living, etc. This Tahitian cultural center also offers you buffet dinner and art performances, all these things take you to a different land which you were never experienced.

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