The Best Things To Explore In Missouri

This is a magical destination in Mid-West US. There are plenty of attractions to visit over here includes Amusement parks, charming lakes, vibrant cities, monuments, museums, Zoological parks, Botanical gardens, and much more. The must visit top 10 destinations are listed below.

1. Branson

Address: Branson, MO 65616, USA.

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Branson is one of the favourite vacation spot for tourists, especially kids forever. The top things to do here for kids are World�s largest Toy Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, Silver dollar city theme park, White water theme park, Branson Science railway.

2. Silver Dollar City

Address: Silver Dollar City, Sunset Cove Township, MO, USA.

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This magical amusement park was established in 1960, a favourite spot for children. The things you can explore here are tallest and fastest spinning roller coaster, electro spin, the Grand Exposition Coaster, American Plunge, fire wall, marvel cave, swinging bridge etc. You can also enjoy the craft and exhibitions in this park.

3. Forest Park

Address: 5595 Grand Dr, St. Louis, MO 63112, United States.

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This is one of the oldest public parks in Missouri, established in 1876. It spreads around 1371 acres of natural beauty. There are number of entertainment activities you can enjoy here includes visiting St. Louis Art Museum, zoo, science centre, the boathouse, Missouri history museum etc.

4. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Address: 4525 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States.

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If you are an art lover, you must visit this art museum in Missouri. This is located at Kansas City. You can enjoy the neo-classical art works from here and popular exhibitions are Edgar Degas Pastels, Echos: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists, and Living with Spirits: Decorating Homes in Traditional China. It has vast collections of Asian, American and European paintings.

5. Jefferson City

Address: Jefferson City, MO, USA.

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This charming capital city of Missouri has lot many things to offer for visitors. It attracts visitors with stunning architecture, historic sites etc and popular tourist attractions are Missouri State Capitol, Missouri State Museum, Missouri Governor�s mansion, St.Peter Church, Missouri State Penitentiary etc.

6. Titanic Museum

Address: 3235 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616, United States.

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This museum was opened in 2006 at Branson. This is a double stories museum carved similar to the World famous Titanic ship. You can enter to the ship and get chances to visit cabins, grand staircases, hallways, morethan 400 artworks collections, Titanic Memorial room etc.

7. Worlds of Fun

Address: 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161, United States.

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Definitely this would be the most thrilling destination for your children. This theme park is situated at Kansas City and opened in 1970. It has different exciting rides like patriot and Mamba, Oceans of Fun with refreshing pools, Nordic chaser- a ride with ocean waves and wooden coasters etc.

8. Missouri Botanical Gardens

Address: 4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States.

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This is one of the oldest Botanical gardens in US. If you want to relax sometimes in a peaceful environment by enjoying the beauty of nature, this is the perfect spot. It was opened in 1859, and spreads around 79 acres of lush greenery. This historic site attracts visitors with Japanese strolling garden, children garden, water locking system, a beautiful fountain and some annual cultural events are also conducting here.

9. Gateway Arch

Address: St. Louis, MO 63102, United States.

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This is the tallest monument in Missouri which is topped in the bucket list of Missouri attractions. This is the tallest arch in the World with 630 feet. Visitors will get elevators to reach the top floor of this monument where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. You can also find a museum within the arch regarding Westward Expansion and attractive exhibitions.

10. Lake of the Ozarks

Address: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA.

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The lake is also known as �the magic dragon� due to its curved shape. The lake is situated on the northern part of Ozark Mountains, a favourite entertainment hub for visitors. You can enjoy plenty of water sports activities, outdoor activities, picnic spots, golf courses etc from here.

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