The Most Interesting Things To Do In Sardinia -italy

What Sardinia offers visitors a great understanding for them about the history, traditions, customs, and people of past years. More than a pleasure trip, there is something more to explore in Sardinia. There is a number of archaeological sites, archaeological museums, archaeological education centers, old towns and of course plenty of stunning beaches for relaxing and entertaining. The best things to do in Sardinia:

1. Neptune's Grotto

Address: 07041 Province of Sassari, Italy.

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Neptune's Grotto Photo

This 18th-century stalactite cave is discovered by local fishermen situated on Sardinia Island. This looks like a fantasy world and attracts more than 1,50,000 visitors per year. You will get boat services to reach this Cave system from the Port of Alghero. Also, you can find many underwater caves; among these Nereo caves, a very popular scuba diving destination. From God Neptune, the cave got this name.

2. National Archaeological Museum, Cagliari

Address: Piazza Arsenale, 1, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italy.

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National Archaeological Museum, Cagliari Photo

When you enter this museum, you may feel that you have entered into the age of Nuragic. You can see a vast collection of findings from Nuragic age to Byzantine age. It also houses a number of precious wax anatomical models by the famous sculptor; Clemente Susini. The collections include Byzantine jewels, stone statues, Italic ceramics, etc.

3. Costa Smeralda

Address: Su Contu 3ᵃ Str., 12, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy.

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Costa Smeralda Photo

This beautiful coastal area is a popular tourist destination in Sardinia and what makes it's so stunning are the white sand beaches and clear blue waters. This is considered as an expensive tourist destination but worth spending. You may be fascinated by the facilities like golf clubs, all-inclusive world-class resorts, and restaurants; also you will get private helicopter tours.

4. Poetto

Address: Poetto, Italy.

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Poetto Photo

If you ask what is special in Cagliari, the first option would be the Poetto beach. It stretches around long 7 kilometers and a perfect spot for spending a family vacation. This is an entertainment hub of Cagliari. There are many water sports activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, etc and special events like music shows, karaoke, disco nights and so many things you can enjoy.

5. Tharros

Address: 515 Warner St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States.

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Tharros Photo

This is an archaeological site and an ancient city located on the Southern shore of Sinis Peninsula. You wonder that you are in the land where you know information about 2000 years back. The interesting things to do in Tharros are an outdoor museum tells you the history & culture, San Giovanni di Sinis village where also you will get historical information, Tower of San Giovanni which was built to protect the Gulf from Spanish attacks, Cabras archaeological museums and lot many exciting things.

6. Castelsardo

Address: 07041 Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy.

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Castelsardo Photo

This is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The town you are seeing presently is derived from a Castle of the Western Roman Kingdom. The interesting things to do here include visiting Elephant's Rock, Doria Castle, Palace of Eleonora of Arborea, Church of St. Mary, Megalithic walls and watching endless beauty of Gulf of Asinara.

7. Nuoro Costume Museum

Address: Via Antonio Mereu, 56, 08100 Nuoro NU, Italy.

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Nuoro Costume Museum Photo

Definitely visiting this museum would be a different experience for you. This is considered as the largest ethnographic museum in Sardinia. It has a vast collection of thousands of artifacts includes clothing, jewelry, masks, popular music instruments, wooden artifacts, etc. You will understand the culture and tradition of Sardinia of the 19th and 20t century.

8. Bosa

Address: Via Nazioni Unite, 5, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy.

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Bosa Photo

If you are a history lover, Bosa would be a paradise for you. What makes the river Tomo over here so attractive is the colorful houses built on the shores of ancient times. The old village is built in the 12th and 13th centuries by Malaspina. When you walk through the old town, you feel that you are in a different world. At present in Bosa, there is a number of resorts with attractive amenities for visitors. Also, you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve, the specialist ethnoanthropological and museological library, the Ciusa museum, etc.

9. Nora

Address: 6300 Georgetown Blvd, Eldersburg, MD 21784, United States.

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Nora Photo

This ancient pre-Roman town is situated near Cagliari in Sardinia. The city's ruins will explain to you what a powerful city once it was. You can find a Roman-era theatre and an open-air museum over here, the museum tells you the history of 9th century BC. This is considered as the first Phoenician city in Sardinia. Also, you can enjoy a beach walk which very attractive with white sand, clear waters and lagoons.

10. Chia beach

Address: Domus De Maria Provincia di Cagliari Italy, 09010 Chia CA, Italy.

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Chia beach Photo

This is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Sardinia. It attracts visitors with its silky sand beaches and turquoise waters. There are a number of exciting water sports activities awaits you include kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and kite surfing. All age group of a family has something to over here.

11. Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park

Address: Italy.

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Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park Photo

This marine National Park was established in 1994 on the coast of Sardinia. This is a well-preserved area where you can find one of the most beautiful landscapes in the World. This National park covers more than 20,000hectares of sea and land. It touches more than 60 stunning islands includes Santa Maria, Santo Stefano, Rizzoli, etc. Also, you can find sea museums, research centres, and environmental education centers over here.

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