The Top 12 Attractions In Madrid, Spain

This capital city of Spain has lot much to attract visitors like number of archaeological museums, fine arts museums, royal palaces, public parks, temples, monuments, colourful streets, traditional Spanish food and many more.

1. El Retiro Park

Address: Parque el, 28001 Madrid, Spain.

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This is a beautiful public park in Madrid and earlier it was part of a Spanish monastery. It spreads around 120ha in the heart of Madrid. There are amazing gardens, fountains, a large artificial pond where you can enjoy kayaking, tree line walking paths, and an amazing crystal palace. This is a perfect spot for relaxing in Madrid.

2. Royal Palace

Address: Calle de Bailén, s/n, 28071 Madrid, Spain.

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This is an amazing granite Palace of 18th century, an official residence of Spanish Royal family. This is the largest functioning royal palace in Europe and has 3418 rooms. The architecture itself is a visual feast for visitors. It has a grand staircase, frescoes on the ceilings, a royal library, royal Armory, crown room, royal chapel etc to explore. It has beautiful gardens, Statues of the Gothic kings etc are the exterior attractions.

3. Prado Museum

Address: Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid, Spain.

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This is one of the oldest museums in Spain, founded in 1819. It depicts the history and culture of Madrid. It has more than 100 rooms with displays of 8,200 drawings, 7,600 paintings, 4,800 prints, and 1,000 sculptures. You can find some of the largest collections of European arts from 12th to 20th century. Truly this would be an amazing experience for visitors.

4. Plaza Mayor

Address: Plaza Mayor, 28012 Madrid, Spain.

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This is a rectangular cobblestone plaza in Madrid is a popular public space. This is a 17th century plaza built during the period of Philip III and a major recreational area with number of shops, restaurants & cafes. You can find a statue of Philip III on a horseback in the middle of this Plaza. This was a venue for various bull fights, performances, ceremonial events etc.

5. Plaza de Cibeles

Address: Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain.

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This is a neo-classical complex is considered as an icon of Madrid. There are several buildings and there is an attractive fountain with the statue of Roman Goddess Cybele riding a lion-drawn chariot. It was designed by renowned architect Antonio Palacios. This is the place where most of the victory successes celebrated. There are four major buildings in this complex known as Cybele Palace, Buenavista Palace, Bank of Spain and Linares Palace.

6. Temple of Debod

Address: Calle de Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid, Spain.

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This is an ancient Egyptian temple in Madrid. It was opened in 1972, on the banks of River Nile. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of Isis. The temple was rebuilt in Parque del Oeste near Royal Palace. This is a popular archaeological site too. You can find a reflective pool, gardens, fountains etc and sunset is the best time to visit this monument.

7. National Archaeological Museum

Address: Calle de Serrano, 13, 28001 Madrid, Spain.

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If you want to know more about the history of Madrid and archaeological facts, do a visit to National Archaeological museum. The galleries are spreads around 4 floors with the greatest collections of pre-historical to renaissance time periods. You can explore archaeological lectures, a historical theatre, monthly exhibitions etc from here. The top attractions in permanent collections are Egyptian mummies, Islamic archaeological findings and Mudejar ceramics etc.

8. Puerta del Sol

Address: Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain.

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This public square is situated in the heart of Madrid. This is a popular tourist destination in Madrid. The points of attractions are an attractive fountain in the middle of the square, Statue of the Bear and Strawberry Tree which represents the coat of arms of Madrid, House of the Post Office with a famous clock, Kilometre Zero where you can measure distance in Madrid.

9. Lazaro Galdiano Museum

Address: Calle de Serrano, 122, 28006 Madrid, Spain.

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This museum houses the private art collections of Lazaro Galdiano, a popular financier in Madrid. The collections includes paintings by Goya, El Greco, tapestries, Baroque crystals, Zurbaran and Hieronymus Bosch, bronze figures, ceramics, glassware, textiles, medals and weapons of great value.

10. Sorolla Museum

Address: Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 37, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

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This museum is dedicated for the memory of Spanish Impressionist artist Joaquin Sorolla. This was the house of the great artist and you will chances to see most of his works. You can find the furnishings in his period, a studio and special exhibitions with his paintings. There is an amazing fountain in the garden with Andalusian-style decorative tile works.

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