Things To Be In Your Mind Before Visiting Singapore

Singapore is an Island City-State and South- Asia's most modern city and economically well stabled. This city has a rich culture and influences of neighboring countries. This is considered as one of the best destination for a vacation travel. Well, before planning your trip the following important things to remember.

1. Carrying enough money

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Even though there is ATMs and money changers are available, but it is safe to carry some money with you. In some places they won't accept credit/debit cards, you need to pay as cash itself eg for transportation and for shopping.

2. Climate is too hot

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The climate over here is humid and you need to take an umbrella throughout your walking and wear loose dresses that easily get dry, no cotton dresses.

3. Language

Address: 51 Cuppage Rd, #10-12, Singapore 229469.

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There are four official languages can see in Singapore but English is the most common speaking language and it would be nice if you have some Singlish( Mixing of Chinese in to English language) ideas before reaching there.

4. Rules and Laws

Address: 28 Maxwell Rd, #01-03, Singapore 069120.

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Singapore is a country with lots of public laws and regulations, if we violate by ignorance we need to pay penalty. So try to learn what to and not to do in public smoking is punishable, feeding pigeons is also offense etc.

5. Food

Address: 2 Mandai Link, #04-05, Singapore 728664.

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Singapore is a place where you get most clean and tasty food and best option is to choose Walker streets instead of high end restaurants.

6. Transportation

Address: Orchard MRT Station, 437 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238878.

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While thinking about roaming the city, best choice is to use public transportation which is more clean and efficient and always available at cheaper rates. Train services also available to connect most of the important networks.

7. Free Wi-Fi

Definitely it is happy news for Singapore visitors that almost all public spaces are offering free Wi-Fi connection named- "Wireless@SG".

8. Escalator

Address: 30A Kallang Pl, #14-01, Singapore 339213.

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When you are taking escalator, try to stand in the left side, as a part of discipline it is following in Singapore since so many years, if someone is in urgent or in hurry they can move through the right side.

9. Bus travelling

Address: 1, 21-07 Scotts Rd, SHAW CENTRE, Singapore 228208.

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When you using bus transportation, don't forget to tap in while you entering and tap out when you are leaving from the bus, otherwise you need to pay penalty.

10. Reserved Seats

Please remember not to sit on the reserves seats in buses or trains which are reserved for pregnant woman, handicapped etc.

11. Public water taps

It is safe to drink tap water and almost everywhere you will get this facility and no need to buy bottled water.

12. Drinking in Public

Address: 42 Circular Rd, Singapore 049398.

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Learn the alcohol consumption rules existing in Singapore because buying and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in between 10.30pm to 7.00am here.

13. Festivals

Address: Singapore.

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Singapore is a blend of various culture and traditions and almost every day in calendar you can enjoy some festivals here.

14. Singapore visa

Address: 1 Fullerton Rd, Singapore 049213.

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While you think of visiting Singapore, at first apply for Singapore Visa. People who have passports in the European Union, United States of America, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Norway can enter and stay in Singapore for 90 days. All the rest has to take Singapore Visa.

15. Coffee

Address: 185 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574333.

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Nothing more to say; you need to experience the coffee varieties available here. More than 10 delicious flavors are ready for you.

16. Parks and Night Safari

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826.

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Don't forget to spend time for visiting parks and enjoying night safari in the Zoo named Nocturnal World which is open in nights.

17. Avoid giving tips in Restaurants

Normally we use to give tips in restaurants after a fine dining, here in Singapore restaurants are charging extra 10% , we can considered it is as against tips for service boys, so no need to pay tips here.

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