Things To Do In Ithaca With Family

Ithaca is a magical Greek Island in the Ionian Sea, which attracts visitors with its unlimited natural beauty. It has some amazing mountains, valleys, white sand beaches with clear waters and all together makes Ithaca a favourite tourist destination in Greece.

1. Cave of Nymphs

Address: Fyli, Attica, Greece.

Cave of Nymphs Photo

The name of this cave is associated with Greek Mythology. A narrow path leads to the entrance of this cave and this is the place were Odysseus used to keep the gifts given to him by King Alkinoos and this cave is situated at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level.

2. Vathi

Address: Vathi, Athens, Athens 104 38, Greece.

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Vathi Photo

This is the capital city of Ithaca is a beautiful coastal city. You can find small beautiful houses on the sea shore and the view of green hills. You can visit Vathi archaeological museum or the back streets for a crazy shopping or can rent a boat to visit nearby charming Islands.

3. Stavros Archaeological Collection

Address: Stavros,Ithaca , Greece.

Stavros Archaeological Collection Photo

This archaeological collection house is situated in Platrithias and you can see the art collections from pre-historic periods to Roman periods and this was established in 1930. By visiting this museum, you will be able to understand the history of Greece very well

4. Loizos Cave

Address: Ithaca 283 01, Greece.

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Loizos Cave Photo

This is an important cave for archaeologists and located on beach Poli. The cave got this name from the people who became rich after finding gold coins from this cave. It is believed that this was a place of worship in Mycenaean period and surrounded by natural beauty.

5. Folklore Museum, Ithaca

Address: Vathy 283 00, Greece.

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Folklore Museum, Ithaca Photo

This is an amazing exhibit for visitors about the history of Ithaca from 19th century to till date. This is situated in Vathi and you get chances to understand the way of living of people on colonial period includes dress, embroidery works, bedrooms, kitchen, music instruments etc.

6. Kioni

Address: Kioni, Greece.

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Kioni Photo

This charming fishing village is situated on the northeast of Ithaca. This is popular boat tourist destination in Ithaca. You can enjoy boat trips from Kioni to nearby islands, or you can spend some time on the nearby pebbled beaches, and it has some good restaurants and resorts to accommodate visitors comfortably.

7. Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa

Address: Anogi, Ithaca , Greece.

Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa Photo

This is the best place to get the panoramic views of entire Ithaca. With the height of 556 meters, this monastery is situated on the South-eastern side of Homeric mountain. This monastery is closely related to the religious believers of natives of Ithaca. September 8th is the feast day celebrated by natives.

8. Alalcomenae

Address: Athens 105 58, Greece.

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Alalcomenae Photo

You can take a visit to the ancient town of Ithaca; Alalcomenae. This town is situated on a hill to the south of Ithaca Island. This is a historical site, and so many valuable objects were found from here and you can find the ruins of the town still here.

9. Gedaki Beach

Address: Ithaca 283 00, Greece.

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Gedaki Beach Photo

If you want to spend some relaxing moments or want to take a walk in the white sand beaches or want to swim in clear blue waters, Gedaki Beach is the best choice. You can reach this beach by ferry service only and surprise you with its natural beauty.

10. Odyssey Outdoor activities

Address: Epar.Od. Kioniou - Pera Pigadiou, Vathi 283 00, Greece.

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Odyssey Outdoor activities Photo

It has plenty of thrilling outdoor activities to offer for visitors. Ithaca island offers you some of the best activities includes snorkeling, kayaking, boat trips, scuba diving, island safari trips, climbing etc. This would be the most adventurous activities you might be doing in Ithaca.

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