Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s beauty can see from its Warm tropical climate, Oceanic surrounding, plenty of beaches, a variety of natural sceneries & active volcanoes. No doubt these natural settings are the reasons by Hawaii to become a tourist’s favorite place in World. Plenty of activities await you in Hawaii for this vacation. Well, Kauai is in the second most relaxing beach index. Kauai is the oldest among Hawaiian Islands. Waimea Canyon State Park is located on the western side of Kauai Island. Beaches in Kauai offer you the best sunbath, whale watching, snorkeling, surfing, beach hopping, hiking, helicopter tour, etc. that would stay in your mind ever.

1. Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

Address: 3857 Iona Rd, Hanapepe, HI 96716, United States.

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This is a popular visitor attraction in Kauai. This was built for villages to cross the river. From this bridge you can enjoy panoramic views of the river. Hanapepe Bridge is the gateway to the charming village of Hanapepe. You can find plenty of shops, art galleries, restaurants, etc.

2. Na Pali Coast State Park

Address: Kapaʻa, HI 96746, United States.

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This State Park attracts visitors with its scenic beauty. The park is filled with lush greenery. You can explore breath-taking mountains, caves, waterfalls, cliffs and valleys and amazing species of birds and animals.

3. Waimea Canyon State Park

Address: Waimea Canyon Dr, Waimea, HI 96796, United States.

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This park attracts visitors with the views of colorful canyons, waterfalls, Waimea River. Waimea Canyon is a large canyon with 3600feet deep. The Puu ka Pele and Puu Hina Hina are the two lookout points to enjoy the breath- taking views and this site is a paradise for hiking lovers.

4. Koke'e State Park

Address: Hanapepe, HI 96716, United States.

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This park is situated north to Waimea Canyon State Park and a favorite destination for hiking lovers. You can enjoy hiking, camping, picnicking, and the best destination to see forest birds and native plants. You can visit Kalalau Lookout which offers a view of 4000-foot cliffs of the Napali Coast and visit Koke’e Natural history museum for more geological information.

5. Hanalei Bay

Address: Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, USA.

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This bay is one of the popular destinations for surfing in Hawaii. This is a popular picnic spot for families where you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, sunbathing, beach walking, sailing, etc. Also, enjoy the stunning views of surrounding beautiful mountains.

6. Polihale State Park

Address: Lower Saki Mana Rd, Waimea, HI 96796, United States.

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This state park attracts visitors with stunning beaches with long white sand stretches and crystal clear waters. This is a popular destination for watching sunsets and you can enjoy the stunning views of Na Pali coastline and enjoy shelling with your kids. Swimming is not advisable here.

7. Queen’s bath

Address: Kapiolani Loop, Princeville, HI 96722, United States.

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This is an amazing natural attraction in Kauai. You can find huge rock formations on both sides of the waterway. Through a moderate hiking you can reach over here and this site s popular for swimming when low tides.

8. Wailua Falls

Address: Wailua Falls, Hawaii 96746, USA.

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This is an attractive waterfall in Kauai which falls from 80feet down to a rock face. This is a double-tiered waterfall which is famous for the views of rainbows and can reach very easily.

9. Luau

Address: 3-5971 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa, HI 96746, United States.

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If you want to explore the culture of Kauai, book a Luau which is a traditional party in Hawaii. You can enjoy traditional Hawaiian music, dance and delicious dishes like haupia, beer, Kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, etc. This would be a memorable experience for you ever.

10. Kalalau Trail

Address: Kalalau Trail, Hawaii 96746, USA.

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This trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the World. This trail you can along the Na-Pali coast. This trail is considered as most difficult but thrilling for adventurous lovers.

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