Things To Do In Tibet

Tibet is a beautiful city. It is the traditional homeland of Tibetan people and some other Ethnic groups. Tibet is mainly known for its splendid lakes and unique landscapes. The people of Tibet have their own culture and lifestyle. Tibet has many beautiful places to visit.

1. Potala Palace

Address: 35 Beijing Middle Rd, Lhasa, Tibet, China, 850000.

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This is the palace situated in the city of Lhasa. This is also called the winter palace the seventh century. The window of the palace is constructed completely with Chinese shell.  It is a place where tourists can explore much more about Arts.

2. Barkhor Street

Address: Lhasa, Tibet, China, 850000.

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This is situated in the Lhasa city of Tibet. Barkhor street is an ancient round street surrounding the famous Jokhang temple. This place shows the original outlook of Lhasa city. It was paved by hand- polished stones. It does not have a wide area but it accommodates thousands of tourists. varied shops can be seen at both sides of the street. The shops mainly consists of Tibetan items. This place will provide a good experience for tourists with children too.

3. Namtso Lake

Address: Namtso, China.

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This is one of the famous lake in Tibet region. The heart touching-beauty of this lake should not be missed by the tourists because this gives a very good ambiance for the people. among Tibetan Namtso means 'Heavenly Lake'. it is famous for its high altitude, vast area, beautiful scenery. This lake maintains its level from rainfall and melted snow flowing from high mountains. It will be very interesting for children because it has a wide area to have fun and games.

4. Sera Monastery

Address: China, Tibet, Lhasa, 色拉中路.

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This is a very attractive monastery in the Tibet city. This is considered as the branch of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was named  Sera which means 'Wild Rose' in Tibetan language. This monastery is built on the slope of the mountain. The roads of sera monastery is lined up with trees and its courtyard looks like a private garden for kings. It seems to be clean and tidy better than other monasteries. It will be a wonderful attraction for tourists.

5. Norbulingka

Address: Luobulinka Rd, Lhasa, Tibet, China, 850000.

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This is known as the treasure park of Lhasa, Tibet. Norbulingka is a very beautiful place to visit as it consists of many palace complexes. Each palace complex is of three partitions- the palace section, the front section, finally the woods. Norbulingka's art studios include Tibetan statue making, painting, screen printing, tailoring, wood carving, wood painting, papermaking, and even metal craft. It will provide a different experience for the tourists and can explore a lot from here.

6. Ganden Monastery

Address: Dagzê District, Lhasa, Tibet, China.

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This is one of the largest Buddhist monastery in Tibet. Every year one of the Buddhist paintings unfolding festivals is held over here which attracts thousands of tourists. This monastery is comprised of about 50 structures all around including a very big main hall. Ganden monastery offers an excellent opportunity to dive deep into the culture of Tibetan Buddhism and enjoy the stunning landscape of alpine mountains outside Lhasa city.

7. Drepung Monastery

Address: Lhasa, Tibet, China.

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This is the most beautiful monastery on the mountain Gambo Utse. This is the important monastery in Tibetan Buddhism. Tourists will be attracted by its structure and art. Drepung in the Tibetan language means 'collecting rice'. The ground of the Monastery is organized on the caves and temples together with two magnificent pagodas.  It has a sutra hall supported by 183 pillars inside the Coqen hall. It will provide a very pleasant ambiance for the tourists.

8. Chakpori Hills

Address: Yao Wang Shan, Tibet.

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This is one of the famous hills in Tibet. It gives us an opportunity to view the entire beauty of the ancient city.  On the cliff of this hill Buddhist scripture in Tibetan language is engraved. We can take photos of Potala palace very beautifully from the cliff of Chakpori hills. During the early morning of holidays and peak season, we can see the crowd of photographers on the Chakpori hills came to shoot the rare view of Potala palace irradiated by the ray of sun

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