Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Dominica

Dominica is a beautiful island country in West Indies. This is a perfect destination to enjoy your holidays. Popular things to explore here are charming lakes, rain forests, National Parks, botanical gardens, amazing timber houses, etc.

1. Papillote Tropical Gardens

Address: Trafalgar, Dominica.

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This green space spreads around 14 acres and a perfect destination to breathe some fresh air and enjoying the natural beauty. It maintains amazing and several species of plants and flowers and provides awareness to the conservation of plants. This is situated in a tropical rainforest where you can enjoy hiking, hot springs, beautiful pools, and waterfalls.

2. Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Address: 48 Cork St, Roseau, Dominica.

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This park is a favorite destination for nature lovers. You can explore plenty of outdoor activities here. This National park was established in 1975 and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Popular things you can enjoy here are the highest mountain in the park Morne Trois Mountains with amazing volcanic features, tropical rainforests and hiking opportunities too.

3. Kalinago Cultural Village

Address: Dominica.

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This charming cultural village is located on the northeastern Dominica. This is the best way to explore the history and culture of indigenous people of Dominica. You can find a large museum over here which gives light to the living of the remaining traditionalist natives of Dominica.

4. Cabrits Historical and Marine Park

Address: Dominica.

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This is a historical site where you can find the ruins of old forts and a museum with historical artifacts. Also, you can visit an amazing marine park over here rich collections of colorful marine species. This is a popular spot for nature trails with scenic views.

5. Dernier Falls

Address: Dominica, Caribya.

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Dominica among 27 waterfalls. Through a beautiful forest hike, you can enjoy the stunning views of this fall located in the Grand Found. This is one of the most photographic spots in Dominica. This is considered as a secret treasure of Dominica.

6. Dominica beaches

Address: Number One Beach, Dominica.

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Dominica has beautiful white as well as black sand beaches. You can find long stretches of sand and crystal clear water over here. As the name indicates, black sand beaches are not dirty, that might surprise you. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, boating, diving, snorkeling, etc over here.

7. Museum of Rum

Address: Felicite Hwy, Dominica.

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This is a historic museum in Dominica. It exhibits visitors the ruins of ancient distilleries and machines used for the brewing process. This museum is located in La Plain and the distillery was founded in 1796. You can find many artifacts collected from the industry over here.

8. Fort Shirley

Address: Dominica.

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This Fort is a park of Cabrits National Park which was built in 1700’s. This is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site and this is the best site to learn more about the colonial past of Dominica. It attracts visitors with stunning colonial architecture.

9. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral

Address: Berekua, Dominica.

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This is a historic site in Dominica. It was built in the 1770s and located in downtown Roseau. This is a popular Roman Catholic pilgrim site in Dominica. You can enjoy the architecture, interior decorations and enjoy walking through the streets of Roseau and find plenty of cafes and restaurants.

10. Government House

Address: Victoria St Roseau Dominica you from the Monika sir please response, Victoria St, Dominica.

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Government House is located in Roseau and it was the home of the representative of Queen of England and presently this is the office of the President of Dominica. Visitors are allowed to enjoy the stunning architecture of the building and take a walk to the surrounding beautiful gardens.

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