Top 10 Attractions In Bihar, India

Bihar is a historic state in India. There are so many amazing things to explore here includes World famous Buddhist temples, museums, rock carving structures, zoological gardens, tombs, historic caves, science centers , UNESCO heritage sites, amusement parks etc.

1. Patna Museum

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bailey Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001, India.

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This museum was opened in 1917 which houses the historic artifacts found in Patna region of Bihar. The museum locally known as Jadu Ghar and Mughal & Rajput architecture of the museum building is really awesome. The popular attractions of the museum includes archaeological findings, British-period paintings, bronze images and sculptures and terra cotta images by Hindu and Buddhist artists, coins, instruments, textiles etc.

2. Golghar

Address: Opp.-Govt. Girls High school, Ashok Rajpath Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001, India.

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This amazing granary is situated in the western region of Patna and was opened in 1786. Its beehive shaped structure is really stunning and was built by John Garstin. You can enjoy the stunning city views from its top. You need to climb 145 steps to reach its top. It was served as a storing house in the initial periods.

3. Mahabodhi Temple

Address: Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824231, India.

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Take a visit to this UNESCO World heritage site located at Bodhgaya. This is a popular Buddhist temple in Bihar and this is holy site where Buddha got enlightened. The attractions in this site are Bodhi Tree under where Buddha attained enlightenment, two large straight-sided shikhara towers, stunning Buddhist architecture and other ancient sculptures.

4. Barabar Caves

Address: Barabar Hill Road, Barabar, Sultanpur, Bihar 804405, India.

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These historic caves are located on a hilltop in the Makhdumpur region of Jehanabad district. The peculiarity of these caves is the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India. The caves are consists of are a set of 7 rock-cut-caves dates back of 3rd century. Mauryan rock-cut architecture is used for its construction. It has two chambers carved out of granite and you can find number of Hind as well as Buddhist sculptures from here.

5. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

Address: J P Nagar, Laxkariganj, Sasaram, Bihar 821115, India.

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This is another popular attraction in Bihar. This tomb is located at Sasaram town which is dedicated to the memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, who bring Suri Empire in northern India. Alawal Khan is the chief architect of this Tomb. This medieval sandstone structure lies in the middle of an excavated lake. The exterior is painted with red, gold, blue and white Colours. It has attractive interiors as well.

6. Giant Buddha

Address: Giant Buddha Rd, near 80-Ft. Buddha Statue, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824231, India.

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This is a very popular Buddhist as well as Hindu pilgrim site in Bodhgaya. Millions of people are visiting here to see the image of Giant Buddha. The statue has a height of 25 meters with a mix of sandstone blocks and red granite for its construction. It is stated that it took nearly seven years to complete its construction. The statue is in the position of meditation pose.

7. Patna Sahib Gurudwara

Address: Takhat Sri Harmandir ji, Patna Sahib, Patna, Bihar 800008, India.

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This Gurudwara was constructed in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru in 1966. This is the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh. This Gurudwara was built by the first Maharaja of Sikh Empire, Raja Ranjit Singh. The architecture is really amazing and this is a popular Sikh pilgrim site in Bihar.

8. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

Address: Raj Bhavan, Bailey Rd, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001, India.

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This park was opened in 1973 in Bailey Road, Patna. This is a popular zoological park as well as family picnic spots in Patna. The amazing things to enjoy here includes Royal Bengal Tiger with normal and white variant, Chimpanzees, Hippopotamus, 355 birds, mammals, reptiles and it includes a beautiful botanical garden with morethan 300 species of plants, flowers and herbs.

9. Funtasia Water Park

Address: Parsa Bazar - Sampatchak Main Rd, Sampatchak, Bihar 804453, India.

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If you are looking for some exciting entertainments, do a visit to this water park in Patna. People of all age group in a family have something to enjoy her. It has amazing water slides and water play grounds and is quite safe. The top attarctions over here are several swimming pools, an array of water rides, slides and roller coasters, play areas for kids etc.

10. Srikrishna Science Centre

Address: West Gandhi Maidan, Raja Ji Salai, Dujra Diara, Patna, Bihar 800001, India.

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This is a famous science museum in Patna, which was opened in 1978 with amazing exhibitions and demonstrations related to Science. There are educational and fun interactive hands-on experiment sessions for kids & adults. You can understand the reasons behind various principles of science from here.

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