Top 10 Attractions In Oman

This beautiful Arabian country is a favorite tourist destination for visitors. You can explore amazing deserts, breath-taking mountains, islands, historic forts, Mosques, stunning markets and many more.

1. Masirah Island

Address: Masirah Island, Oman.

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This island is a perfect destination if you are looking for space that is free from all hustle and bustle of cities. You can find deserted beaches over here. Ras-Hilf is the biggest settlement over here.

2. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Address: Sultan Qaboos St, ولاية بوشر، Oman.

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This pilgrim site attracts visitors with its stunning architecture. The highest attraction of this mosque is a handmade Iranian rung which is the largest in the World and it took 4 years to complete by a group of women. Other attractions are beautiful mosaic works, attractive windows, a massive chandelier in the prayer hall, also take a visit to its beautiful gardens.

3. Ras Musandam Fjords

Address: Musandam Peninsula, Oman.

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This is a popular sight-seeing destination in Oman. It attracts visitors with the mountains of breath-taking mountains and tranquil waters. You can enjoy amazing boat trips over here by enjoying scenic beauty. This peninsula is popularly known as ‘Norway of Oman’.

4. Mutrah Corniche

Address: Mutrah Corniche, Muscat, Oman.

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You can enjoy a beautiful evening with your loved ones over here. This is a seafront destination with the views of breath-taking views of mountains and the bay. This is a perfect destination to enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can find plenty of attractive white buildings and mosques over here. You can also take a visit to one of the oldest markets over here called Mutrah Souq where you can find a variety of items like silver jewelry, genie lamps and many more.

5. Khasab Fortress

Address: Khasab Fort, Al Khasab, Oman.

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This is a stunning palace built by Portuguese in 1623 in Muscat. Through a fast ferry service you can reach over here. You can enjoy its architecture and visit the Traditional Musandam Culture Museum inside the palace to know the history of this region.

6. Jabrin Fort

Address: Bahla, Oman.

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This fort is situated in the region of Nizwa. Jabrin fort attracts visitors with its stunning architecture and surrounding scenic beauty. It was built in 1670 by Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Ya'arubi. You can find beautiful ceilings and decorations over here. Also, explore rooms of Sultan and his wives, guest rooms, stable, Mosque and Quran School at the rooftop, prisons, etc.

7. Muscat

Address: Muscat, Oman.

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This capital city of Oman has so much to offer for visitors. You can explore plenty of museums, forts, markets, shopping corners, mosques, harbors, etc on the seafront. This is the largest city in Oman.

8. Nizwa Fort

Address: Nizwa, Oman.

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This is the largest fort in Nizwa. Its architecture is really stunning. This is the most-visited fort in Oman. You can find historic artifacts, jewels, tools, etc of the ancient periods. It has a massive tower which offers panoramic views of mountains, souq, date palm, etc.

9. Jebel Akhdar Mountain

Address: Jebel Akhdar, Oman.

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This beautiful mountain is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains range. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and every step over here offers you the breath-taking views. As the name indicates this is a beautiful green mountain. The highest point over here in Jebel Shams situated at an altitude of 3000meters. You can also visit Jebel Akhdar Sanctuary for Natural Sceneries.

10. Wahiba sands

Address: Wahiba Sands, Oman.

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The highest attraction of this site is amazing sand dunes, and you can enjoy camel rides and 4 WD adventurous over here. This is the best site to enjoy the real desert experience. Staying night will offer you a memorable experience and you can understand the primal power of the desert over here.

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