Top 10 Attractions In Porto, Portugal

Porto is one of the largest cities in Portugal with a lot of iconic landmarks. You can explore amazing museums, cathedrals with stunning architecture, wineries, historic bridges, beautiful beaches, and charming cities.

1. The Amarante

Address: Amarante, Portugal, Portugal.

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The City Amarante located in Porto is listed in UNESCO Creative Sites Network under the category of the City of Music. The Tamega River flows through the City. The architecture of this town is mostly in Romanesque Style. The popular Monuments can see here are Colonnades, Arches, Tympana and Columns. The Amarante Cakes are world-famous.

2. Palacio Da Bolsa

Address: 4050-292 Porto, Portugal.

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The Stock exchange palace is located in Porto, Portugal. This historical building is constructed in neoclassical style by Commercial association of the City in the 19th Century. Since 1982, this building considered as a National monument & as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The rooms of this palace are displayed with the famous paintings of Jose Maria Veloso and Jose Marques De Oliveira. The most attractive room in this palace is the Arab room built by Goncalves e Sousa.

3. Porto Calem Winery

Address: Av. de Diogo Leite 344, 4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

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The journey through Porto is not ending without tasting the famous Porto Wine. Porto Calem Winery is one of the famous wineries in Portugal by producing quality wines. This winery is situated close to Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia and founded in mid of the 19th Century by the Calem family. They manufacture tasty red and white wines.

4. Torre de Clerigos

Address: R. de São Filipe de Nery, 4050-546 Porto, Portugal.

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Clerigos Church is located in the city of Porto is a Baroque masterpiece. Torre dos Clerigos is a tall bell tower in this church, where you can see the different points of the city. The construction of this Church started in 1732 & completed in 1763. 240 steps are there to climb to reach the top of this tower.

5. Matosinhos Beach

Address: Av. Norton de Matos, 4450-208 Matosinhos, Portugal.

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Matosinhos is the largest beach in the northern Porto district, Portugal. The beauty of this beach attracts visitors by its golden sands & waves, the perfect place for Surfing. It is a major port & fishing town, and famous for fish restaurants. Summer season is the most crowded time here. The beach offers you various water sports and entertaining activities.

6. Festa de Sao Joao

Address: Evora, Portugal.

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This festival is celebrating in memory of St John the Baptist every June in Porto. Street parades and fireworks continue the full night. As a part of this celebration, people bash each other over the head with plastic hammers and watch folk dramas and dance programs.

7. Sao Francisco Church

Address: Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 4050-297 Porto, Portugal.

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This is an amazing Gothic monument in Porto. It attracts visitors with stunning Baroque interior decoration and listed as a UNESCO Heritage site. Inside you can find three naves with amazing golden carvings, beautiful altarpieces, etc.

8. Serralves Museum

Address: 4150-348 Porto, Portugal.

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This museum in Porto was opened in 1999, with amazing collections of Portuguese as well as international contemporary artworks of renowned artists. This museum has a beautiful garden and a park where you can spend some relaxing moments. Also, enjoy some stunning dance and music performances conducting here.

9. Dom Luis Bridge

Address: Pte. Luiz I, Porto, Portugal.

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The magical hands behind this stunning architecture are the renowned architect, Téophile Seyrig and this is the most famous bridge that built across Duoro River. This is an attractive double-deck metal arch bridge and the night views are amazing with illuminated lights and you can enjoy the stunning views of glittering Porto city from the bridge.

10. Ribeira District

Address: Ribeira, Porto, Portugal.

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Ribeira is known as Porto’s Riverside quarter. In 1996, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. The major river flows through Ribeira district is Douro River. The famous Ribeira Square is located in the center of this District. The city’s most attractive view is the fountain decorated with coat-of-arms in the northern part of the square, the statue of St. John, the Baptist, a sculpture of Joao Cutileiro and the modern cubic sculpture by Jose Rodrigues.

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