Top 10 Attractions Of Myanmar

Myanmar, Old Burma is a beautiful country which is mainly popular for its Buddhist Pagodas. There are a number of World famous Pagodas with stunning architecture you can find, it has some beautiful lakes, breath-taking mountains, floating villages, wooden bridges, shopping streets etc to explore.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Address: Ar Zar Ni, Road Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

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This world-famous Buddhist Pagoda is situated in Yangon. This is an amazing Stupa with 326feet tall and this is also known as Great Dagon Pagoda. It is believed that this pagoda dates back 2600 years old and becomes the oldest pagoda in the world. This is referred to as the crown of Burma because the main golden dome is decorated with some of the precious stones like 7,000 diamonds, rubies, topaz, and sapphires. From most of the places in Yangon, you can view this temple.

2. INLE Lake

Address: Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma).

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This is a charming freshwater lake in Shan Hills. This is a popular sunset watching point in Myanmar. This area is a natural sanctuary and a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. You can find beautiful wooden houses built-in water, can enjoy fishing, village tours on the shores, etc. There is a number of endemic species are living in this lake. This is the second-largest freshwater lake in Myanmar.

3. Mandalay

Address: Mandalay, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

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This beautiful Royal city is located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Mandalay Hill is the popular tourist destination over here. You can enjoy a hiking trail to reach its climb and enjoy the panoramic views of the city from there. On the way, you can see the number of temples, pagodas, valleys, etc.

4. Mergui Archipelago

Address: Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma).

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If you want to see some of the colorful fishes and other marine species very closely, do a visit to the Mergui Archipelago, south coast of Myanmar. It consists of the number of stunning islands with pristine beaches & colorful coral reefs. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving etc from here. You can also find rare species of birds and animals on the island.

5. Kyite htee yoe pagoda

Address: Ar Zar Ni, Road Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

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This is another popular pilgrim center in Myanmar. This pagoda is built on a granite boulder and covered in golden leaves. The golden rock looks like it will fall down soon. Sunset watching from here really an amazing thing that visitors can enjoy.

6. Hpan Pu Mountain

Address: Hpa An, Yangon , Myanmar.

Hiking Hpan Pu Mountain is a thrilling activity you can enjoy in Hpa na. Watching the sunset from the top of the mountain would be really unforgettable. On the way of climbing, you will get a bamboo made watchtower, where you can relax & can enjoy the natural beauty.

7. Kyauk Kalap Pagoda

Address: Hpa An, Kayin, Myanmar.

This pagoda is standing on a limestone rock on the artificial lake named Kyauk Kalap. There is a famous monastery of monk U Winaya and watching the sunset from the top are the other attractions over here.

8. U Bein Bridge

Address: U Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma).

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Do a visit to the Oldest and Longest teakwood bridge in the World. This is built across the charming Taungthaman Lake surrounded by unlimited natural beauty. The location id really photographic and you can enjoy the best sunrise watching from here.

9. Kalaw

Address: Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma).

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Kalaw is known as the trekking paradise of Myanmar. This is a beautiful hill town and one of the oldest hill stations in Myanmar. You can find old colonial-era buildings, markets, can walk through the streets, cool climate, pagodas, flower gardens, temple caves, biking, and spa treatments.

10. Yangon

Address: No4, Pyi Thar Yar St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

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This is the largest city in Myanmar with a lot of attractions. There are World famous Buddhist pagodas, colonial-era buildings, modern high-rises, visit Bogyoke Park, balloon ridings, visit the charming Inya Lake, enjoy street shopping etc to explore.

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