Top 10 Beaches In Baltic Sea Coast - Germany

Baltic Sea Coast is one of today's popular beach vacation spots in Germany. The beautiful beaches are worth enough for a perfect family vacation and recently a number of resorts and restaurants are developed with the high demand of these beaches over here. While enjoying the beauty of this beach, you can also visit nearby historic centers, UNESCO sites, National Parks, etc.

1. Ostseebad beach, Warnemunde

Address: Rostock, Germany.

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Ostseebad beach, Warnemunde Photo

This is one of the prettiest beaches among Baltic Sea coasts. The deep blue cold water, white sand beaches, beach games include for kids, a number of sailing schools, sunbathing and sailing, etc are the popular activities you can enjoy here.

2. Naturstrand Gold

Address: Gold, 23769 Fehmarn, Germany.

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Naturstrand Gold is a perfect family beach with a lot of entertainments. The calm waves are suitable for swimming and many other water sports activities in a safe manner. The activities you can enjoy here are windsurfing, sailing classes for beginners, kite surfing, sunbaths, etc.

3. Strand Haffkrug

Address: Strandallee, 23683 Scharbeutz, Germany.

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If you want to be free from all worries, and want to relax for a calm atmosphere you can take a trip to Haffkrug beach. There are special activities are arranged for the entertainment of kids and you can enjoy a long walk during the beautiful white sand coastal line with loved ones.

4. Ahlbeck beach, Usedom Island

Address: 17419 Heringsdorf, Germany.

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Ahlbeck beach, Usedom Island Photo

This island is also known as a sunny island, is very interesting with its long coastline and numerous German beach chairs to grasp the beauty of this beach. You can enjoy many water sports activities, horse riding, cycling; fine dining at beach restaurants and a comfortable stay in beach resorts with all amenities.

5. Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

Address: Ahrenshoop, Germany.

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Ostseebad Ahrenshoop Photo

This is a nine km long beautiful white sand beach catch your attention with peculiar sand dunes. The beauty of this beach attracts lots of artists to this beach. You can also enjoy a number of entertainment activities with family over here.

6. Travemunde

Address: Travemünde, Lübeck, Germany.

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Travemunde Photo

The highest attraction of this Baltic Sea beach is this is the largest Ferry port in Germany and it is so attractive with the classic German ​​​​​strandkorbes. This beach has an attractive lighthouse called " Leuchtturm Travemunde". Also, you can spend some relaxing and memorable moments over here.

7. Hiddensee

Address: Hiddensee, Germany.

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As the name indicates this beach is very unpopular for most of the visitors, located on the Western part of Rugen, explore the beauty of this Hiddensee beach once when you are in Baltic Sea coast. The arrangements on this beach are quite safe for even children and you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, etc.

8. Sudstrand, Pelzerhaken

Address: Auf der Pelzerwiese 33, 23730 Neustadt in Holstein, Germany.

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Sudstrand, Pelzerhaken Photo

This is a very long white sand beach is popular for windsurfing, sailing, stand- up paddling and kite surfing. People of all age groups have something to enjoy here. There are plenty of restaurants, resorts, and bars to meet up your standard needs.

9. Scharbeutz beach

Address: Strandallee 98, 23683 Scharbeutz, Germany.

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Scharbeutz beach Photo

You can enjoy all the colorful entertainments of modern life over here. People can spend a perfect family time over here with many attractive activities includes sailing, snorkeling, swimming, cycling, playgrounds especially for kids, cocktails and fine dining from nearby classic restaurants.

10. Badestrand Rettin

Address: Ostholstein, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany,.

Badestrand Rettin Photo

This beach is popularly known as 'beach of locals' because this is hanging space for people of New Town. The attractive factors about this beach are beautiful landscapes, white sand, calm waves and surrounded natural beauty. You can enjoy a variety of entertainment activities like kite surfing, windsurfing, cycling, sunbathing, etc and also you can enjoy the real natural flavors from nearby restaurants.

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