Top 10 Exciting Things To Explore In Oregon

Oregon is a coastal state of US and the popular factors that attract visitors to this charming state are the pristine beaches, breath-taking mountains, lush forests, microbreweries, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants etc. The popular activities that you should not miss at Oregon are:

1. Portland Japanese Garden

Address: 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States.

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Portland Japanese Garden Photo

This Japanese model garden spreads around 5.5 acres and a popular visiting centre in Oregon. This is the first garden in a Japanese model in US. The total garden is divided into 5 attractive sections and variety species of flowers you can find here. Also you can relax some moments by enjoying the beauty of waterfalls, mountains and the fragrance of flowers throughout the garden.

2. Crater Lake National Park

Address: Crater Lake, Oregon 97604, USA.

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Crater Lake National Park Photo

This National Park was established in 1902, one of the oldest National Parks in Oregon. It lies on the cascade mountains of South Oregon. The popular attractions of this Park are the very beautiful Crater Lake formed with narrow collapsed volcano, Wizard Island on the Western side of this lake, the Rim drive which surrounded by the lake with scenic views and number of trials & outdoor activities also you can enjoy.

3. Oregon Coast Aquarium

Address: 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport, OR 97365, United States.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium Photo

This is the highest attraction of Oregon Coast, a chance of meeting variety species and for the purpose of education also. It spreads around 23 acres and established in 1992. The aquarium focuses on the flora & fauna around the Oregon coast. The main building has permanent displays of marine life includes Rocky Shores, Coastal Waters, sandy shores etc, sea bird Aviary, outdoor exhibits with horned puffins, black oystercatchers, common murres, rhinoceros auklets etc.

4. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Address: Forest Service Office, 902 Wasco St Suite 200, Hood River, OR 97031, United States.

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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Photo

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area consists of Columbia River Gorge Canyon with 4,000 feet deep and stretches over 8000miles and stands as a boundary of North Washington and South Oregon. US Forest Services maintain it as a National Scenic area. You can enjoy number of waterfalls, mountains, forests etc.

5. Cannon Beach

Address: Cannon Beach, OR, USA.

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Cannon Beach Photo

Cannon beach in Oregon attracts visitors with its crystal clear waters and white sand stretches. The highest attraction of this beach is the Haystack Rock which is the highest among other coastal rocks. Ecola State Park on the north of this beach fascinates you with stunning landscapes and an attractive light house. South covers Arcadia beach, a great picnic spot and you can find number of tide pools. There are traditional style restaurants, cafes, boutiques etc you can find over here.

6. Mount Hood National Forest

Address: Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon 97028, USA.

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Mount Hood National Forest Photo

Mount Hood National Forest is famous for its highest peak, Mount Hood with the height of 11,239 feet. The popular things to explore here include Mount Hood Cultural centre, Timberline lodge, ski resorts, hiking, Mount Hood Ski bowl, camping, snow sports etc.

7. Washington Park, Portland

Address: 4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221, United States.

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Washington Park, Portland Photo

This is an attractive public park in Portland. The park maintains a completely eco-friendly surroundings a perfect natural space for visitors. You can visit the Shakespeare Garden, forestry museum, zoo, children?s museum, arboretum, memorials, rose garden, amphitheatre, archery range etc.

8. Astoria

Address: Astoria, OR 97103, USA.

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Astoria Photo

Astoria is a coastal city of Oregon on the shore of Columbia River. The amazing things you can explore in this charming city includes visiting the Astoria Column, a tower situated on the hilltop gives visitors the historical information with its mural displays and amazing panoramic views of the city. You can also visit the Columbia River maritime museum where you can learn the military as well as fishing & shipping history of the city and Flavel house museum.

9. Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne

Address: Terrebonne, OR 97760, United States.

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Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne Photo

Smith Rock State Park is a paradise of adventures. This is an International climbing destination situated in Terrebonne. The park fascinates you with its natural beauty. The major activities visitors can enjoy here are sport climbing, bouldering, match-pitch climbing, and mountain biking etc by enjoying the endless scenic views.

10. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Address: 1726 Washington St, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States.

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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Photo

The total Oregon Dunes National Recreational area spreads around 32000 acres near Oregon Coastline. It boards the towns of Florence and North Bend. The dunes are made up of wind activities of more than 1000 years. You can also find fresh water lakes over here where you can enjoy camping, boating, swimming etc. Another activity you can do here is scenic hiking trials which are divided in to Waxmyrtle Trail, Lagoon Loop Trail, Oregon Dunes Overlook Trail.

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