Top 10 Fall Foliage Destination In Connecticut

Connecticut has some amazing fall foliage destinations and October would be the best time to explore the beauty of fall foliage.

1. Old Lyme

Address: Old Lyme, CT, USA.

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October is the best time to visit Old Lyme, Connecticut to enjoy the scenic beauty of foliage. Old Lyme is a beautiful coastal town and offers visitors a visual feast of colorful leaves during the season.

2. Dennis Hill State Park

Address: Norfolk Historic District, CT 06058, United States.

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This state park is known as ?autumn wonderland? in the fall foliage season. It spreads around 240 acres of amazing scenic views. The mountains become more attractive with colorful leaves and also you can enjoy hiking, picnicking etc from here.

3. Talcott Mountain State Park

Address: Summit Ridge Dr, Simsbury, CT 06070, United States.

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This State Park attracts visitors with unlimited scenic views of fall foliage. There is a 165 tall tower known as Heublein Tower where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the entire park, valleys in yellow and orange color leaves. There are amazing photographic spots you can find and enjoy thrilling hiking over here.

4. Mohawk State Forest

Address: Mohawk State Forest, Goshen, CT 06756, USA.

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This is one of the prominent fall foliage viewing destinations in Connecticut. Popular fall foliage destinations are north and west include the Catskill, Taconic, and Berkshire mountain ranges. You can also enjoy nature hiking trials with beautiful mind-blowing views of colorful leaves.

5. Crescent Lake

Address: Crescent Lake, Southington, CT 06489, USA.

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This charming lake is situated in Giuffrida Park is a popular visitor attraction in Connecticut. You can enjoy amazing nature trails with views of fall foliage as well the surroundings of the lake would be more beautiful in this season.

6. Mt. Tom State Park

Address: Mt Tom, Washington, CT 06794, USA.

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This is a popular picnic area in Connecticut with surrounding natural beauty. The park will be more populous in the fall foliage season. You can climb a stone tower over here for enjoying the memorable views of colorful valleys, rivers, mountains, etc.

7. Haystack Mountain State Park

Address: Haystack Mountain, Norfolk Historic District, CT 06058, USA.

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This is a paradise for hikers. You can enjoy a scenic trail to reach the top of Haystack Mountain to enjoy the panoramic views of green mountains, New York and Berkshires. Also, you can find a look-out tower for the best views of fall foliage.

8. Pachaug State Forest

Address: Connecticut, United States.

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Take a tour to the largest state park in Connecticut with the best views of fall foliage. Here you can find two popular scenic destinations like Champman Area and the Green Falls Area for the foliage viewing. You can reach the sites either by nature trails or by car.

9. Macedonia Brook State Park

Address: 159 Macedonia Brook Rd, Kent, CT 06757, United States.

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This state park offers visitors incredible views of foliage. You can enjoy hiking to the top of Cobble Mountain for the best views of colorful mountains & valleys.

10. Peoples State Forest

Address: Peoples State Forest, Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA.

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This state park attracts visitors with some exciting scenic site of fall foliage and the popular among them is Chaugham Lookout. For reaching here you can take Jessie Gerard trail by enjoying the natural beauty.

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