Top 10 Fall Foliage Views In Europe

Europe is rich with varied cultures, history, oceans, mountains, lush forests, blue lakes, etc. There are number of exciting spots to explore. Europe is known as the ?Peninsula of Peninsulas?. The romantic beauty of this continent makes Europe a favorite tourist destination. Let?s find the top travel destinations in this autumn.

1. The Highlands, Scotland

Address: Highland Council, UK.

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The Highlands, Scotland Photo

This is a wonderful destination to enjoy leaf-peeping and this is the right time to visit here. It has beautiful mountains, valleys, forests etc to explore with memorable views of fall foliage.

2. Paris, France

Address: Paris, France.

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Paris, France Photo

Definitely this is another spot to enjoy the best views of fall foliage in this season. There are walking tracks, parks where you can sit under the shade of colorful trees in this autumn season.

3. Tara National Park, Serbia

Address: Serbia.

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Tara National Park, Serbia Photo

This is an all-time favorite destination for visitors, but a little more special in the autumn season. It has breath-taking mountains, lush green forests, rivers that are surrounded by colorful trees in this season.

4. Tyrol, Austria

Address: Tyrol, Austria.

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Tyrol, Austria Photo

This is a perfect spot to relax with your favorite ones by enjoying the beauty of nature. The forests of Tyrol would become so colorful like golden or red or yellow shades and there is a number of photographic spots you can explore.

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands Photo

Amsterdam is an ever-time favorite destination for foliage lovers. The canals would be surrounded by numerous trees which will change its color in autumn season into red, yellow and orange shades. Also, you can enjoy its reflection on the water, truly an amazing experience.

6. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Address: Lake Bled, 4260 Bled, Slovenia.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia Photo

This is a charming lake in Slovenia with unlimited surrounding natural beauty. You can enjoy the beauty of leaf peeping at its best from here with a warm climate, an excellent photographic spot to capture this magical season into your camera. Also, explore a stunning castle and breath-taking mountain views from here.

7. Bavaria, Germany

Address: Munich, Germany.

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Bavaria, Germany Photo

This castle and surroundings in Germany make you feel that you are in a fairyland especially in this season. You can explore the architecture and interior parts of the castle and surrounding foliage views.

8. Transylvania, Romania

Address: Transylvania, Romania.

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Transylvania, Romania Photo

This would be a magical land in the autumn season. A popular attraction in this site is the very famous Bran Castle in Brasov and all the way you can capture the stunning views of leaf-peeping in this season.

9. Blenio Valley, Switzerland

Address: Val Blenio, 6724 Acquarossa, Switzerland.

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Blenio Valley, Switzerland Photo

This valley adds the beauty of Switzerland in this autumn season. You can explore the beauty of the alpine valley of Blenio in the canton of Ticino, vineyard tours, walking trails, forests with foliage views, etc.

10. Val di Non, Italy

Address: Non Valley, Trentino, Italy.

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Val di Non, Italy Photo

This is one of the popular destinations in Italy to enjoy the fall foliage. Top attarctions to explore here are Lake Tovel, breath-taking mountains, beautiful vineyards, and enjoy the autumn colors in Trentino valley.

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