Top 10 Hikes To Explore In Switzerland

1. The Valle Verzasca

Address: Verzasca, Switzerland.

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A journey to this ancient valley takes you to the rural traditional villages of Switzerland. This narrow valley offers you an amazing view of landscapes and one side beautiful with the Alps and the other side with beautiful lakes. The green-colored river over here is a popular diving destination. You can enjoy several hiking paths along the journey of this valley.

2. Eiger Trail

Address: Eiger Ultra Trail, Switzerland.

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This moderate trail you can explore in 2 hours and you need to cover 6 kilometres to complete the trail. You would be provided ropes or metal ladders to climb the rocky paths and the views from the top are stunning.

3. Creux du Van

Address: Creux du Van, 2023 Gorgier, Switzerland.

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You can explore this trail in Western Switzerland. The highlight of this 1-hour hiking is the passing through the natural amphitheater. You can enjoy this hike in year-round.

4. Appenzell Alpine Trail

Address: Appenzell Alps, 3999 Obergoms, Switzerland.

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You can enjoy this moderate trail within 2.5hours and you need to cover 6kilometers to complete this trail. This trail helps you to enjoy the breath- taking views of mountains & valleys.

5. Walensee waterfall Trail

Address: Walensee, Switzerland.

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Zurich is a beautiful destination with several hiking options. Walensee waterfall is such kind of one. Spring is the best time to visit here with plenty of scenic views like charming lakes, beautiful waterfalls and surrounding natural beauty.

6. National Park Trail

Address: 7530 Zernez, Switzerland.

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You can explore this trail when you are in Zernez. This is an easy hike and you can complete within 4 hours and suitable even for kids. You can spot rare species of plants, birds, and animals throughout the way.

7. Albula Railway Adventure Trail

Address: 7482 Bergün, Switzerland.

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If you love adventure, this would be a paradise for you. Traveling through the railway line by enjoying the beauty of breath-taking mountains, stunning valleys, and beautiful rivers and through tunnels would be an exciting experience for you. It will take only 2.5 hrs. and of course, is an easy hike.

8. Rheinfall Waterfalls

Address: Rheinfallquai, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland.

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You can explore this easy to medium hike in 4 hours. Visiting Europe’s biggest waterfall that is Rheinfall waterfall through a stunning hike would be a memorable experience for you ever. Another attraction is the Munot Fortress.

9. The Way of St. James

Address: Praza do Obradoiro, s/n, 15704 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain.

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This hike may look more into a pilgrim hike. Because you will come across plenty of chapels, monasteries, churches, etc throughout the way. Also, the path is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and this hike requires 6 hours to complete.

10. Historic Water Route

Address: Haute-Nendaz, Switzerland.

This trail you can explore when you are in Nendaz. This easy hike you can complete within 4 hours. This hike passes through the ancient irrigation system and still, it’s functioning. The paths are filled with rare species of plants and flowers and another highlight of this trail is Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.

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