Top 10 Must Visit Attractions In Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful island country in North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is very popular among tourist with its pink sand beaches, nature reserves, aquariums, churches, museums, villages, historic forts, UNESCO heritage sites. The popular activities you can enjoy here are

1. Horse shoe Bay beach

Address: Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda.

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Horse shoe Bay beach Photo

This is the most popular beach in Bermuda; attract visitors with its crystal clear water and golden sands. There are number of activities you can explore with family includes swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and lot of photographic opportunities. People of all age group have something to enjoy over here.

2. St. Peter?s Church

Address: St.George's, Bermuda.

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St. Peter?s Church Photo

This is the oldest existing Anglican Church in Bermuda. It was opened in 1612; you can find the oldest pieces of artworks in the country over here. This is the oldest Church in Western Hemisphere also. The simple architectural styles are used for its design, still worth to watch. You can find hand carved altars, limestone walls and some parts are modified over periods.

3. Elbow Beach

Address: 60 South Shore Road, Paget PG 04, Bermuda.

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Elbow Beach Photo

This is one of the pristine beaches in Bermuda and situated at the Southern edge of Paget Parish. The beach got its name because it has a small curve like an elbow. This beach?s attractions are pink sands & coral reefs and you can enjoy activities like snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboards, sand chairs, beach umbrellas, swimming and there are seaside cock-tail bars and clubs for the entertainment of visitors.

4. Tobacco Bay

Address: Tobacco Bay, Bermuda, Bermuda.

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Tobacco Bay Photo

This is located near town St.George, a UNESCO heritage site and there is a saying among local people that this bay got this name because many years ago, tobacco was growing here. Normal yellow colour sand and water is quite shallow over here. So that you can see the colourful marine life while snorkeling or diving from here. Blue parrotfish, groupers, angelfishes, blue walruses are some of the colourful life you find here.

5. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Address: 40 N Shore Rd, Flatts Village, Bermuda.

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Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo Photo

Definitely this is the one where your child going to enjoy very much. You will get a chance to see the vast marine collections of Atlantic Ocean. The exhibitions includes 200 species of fishes, loggerhead turtles 300 species of birds, colourful coral reef, reptiles and mammals of Oceanic islands, a natural history museum near to it where you can learn the eco system of Bermuda.

6. Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Address: 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda.

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Crystal & Fantasy Caves Photo

The caves are located in Hamilton Parish, in between St. David?s Island and Main Island is a must watch underground wonder of Bermuda. This is situated 55feet below earth surface and was discovered by two young people in 1907. You can find a subterranean lake, crystal formations, Fantasy tunnel with calcite formations, a wooden bridge over crystal-clear Cahow Lake Etc.

7. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Address: Lighthouse Road, St Anne's Rd, Cross Bay SN 01, Bermuda.

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Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Photo

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is located at Southampton parish and considered as the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the World. This was built in 1846 with the purpose of ship?s navigation. You need to climb 185 steps to reach at the top of this light house and can enjoy the stunning views of surrounding nature.

8. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Address: South Road Smith's, Bermuda.

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Spittal Pond Nature Reserve Photo

This is a popular bird watching destination in Bermuda located at Smith?s Parish and spreads around 64 acres. This is the largest protected Nature reserve in Bermuda offers number of hiking trials and chances of meeting wildlife too. Other things you can explore here are ponds, lakes, vegetation, amazing coastal views etc makes this a favourite tourist attraction in Bermuda.

9. St. George's Town

Address: St.George's, Bermuda.

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St. George's Town Photo

This historic site was the former capital of Bermuda. This is the first English settlement town in North America during early 1600s. This is a UNESCO World heritage site and there number of historic sites, museums, churches, colonial architecture, narrow streets, old houses etc to explore.

10. National Museum of Bermuda

Address: 1 The Keep, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda.

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National Museum of Bermuda Photo

This is a popular heritage centre in Bermuda where you can learn much about the history of this Island. The collections that excite visitors includes Bermuda's Defense Heritage, maps, books, coins, maritime art, and exhibits concerning activities of the Navy during World War II, local watercrafts etc.

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