Top 10 Must-visit Destinations In Martinique

This is a charming island of the French Caribbean. You can see the cultural mix of West Indies as well as French over here. This is a historic site with plenty of museums, Cathedrals, stunning beaches, vibrant coastal cities, delicious seafood dishes, nature reserves, botanical and zoological gardens, etc.

1. Diamond Beach

Address: Ravine Gens Bois, Le Diamant 97223, Martinique.

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This is a stunning beach located in the south coast of Martinique and attracts visitors with long white sand stretches in entire Martinique and tranquil water. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or just relax under the shades of palm trees. You can find snacks bars and restaurants with picnic tables are available here.

2. St.Louis Cathedral

Address: Rue Victor Schoelcher, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique.

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This Cathedral was built in 1875, a popular Catholic pilgrim site in Martinique. It attracts visitors with amazing Romanesque Revival architecture. Popular interior attractions are grand organ, stained glass windows, and the Cathedral is popularly known as ‘Iron Cathedra’ because the entire structure of this church has a frame of iron beams.

3. La Caravelle Nature Reserve

Address: Arrondissement of La Trinité, Martinique.

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This is a beautiful protected region of Martinique. You can enjoy the natural views of cliffs, savannas, forests, stunning beaches, dry forests, etc over here. This reserve is home to many species of plants, birds, and animals and provides a natural environment too. You can also find plenty of photographic spots over here.

4. Balata Botanical Gardens

Address: Route de Balata, Fort-de-France 97234, Martinique.

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If you are a nature lover, this would be a must-visit destination for you. This botanical garden was founded by a renowned horticulturist Jean-Philippe Thoze. It spreads around 3 hectares of lush greenery. It houses 3000 species of tropical plants and flowers. There is a wooden rope bridge where you can enjoy the panoramic views of gardens and ponds that are filled with water Lillies.

5. Fort de France

Address: Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique.

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This is a charming capital city of Martinique. It attracts visitors with stunning beaches, colonial architecture, wide varieties of tropical flowers and ornate iron balconies. Other attractions are Martinique Museum of Archaeology and Prehistory which gives light to the history of the island, La Savane Park with a beautiful statue of Josephine, the wife of Napoleon.

6. Grand-Riviere

Address: Grand'Rivière, Martinique.

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This is a small beautiful fishing village in French Overseas of Martinique. You can find plenty of fish markets, black sand beaches, and restaurants that sell fresh seafood dishes, etc over here. Also, visit St. Catherine Church, admire the beauty of the statue of the Virgin of the sailors, or just explore the beauty of these fishing villages through a walking tour.

7. Saint-Pierre

Address: Arrondissement of Saint-Pierre, Martinique.

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This beautiful town is popularly known as ‘Paris of the Caribbean’ as it is founded by French Settlers. You can enjoy the stunning views of Volcanic Mount Pelee over here. This was a popular city in Martinique and it was destroyed after the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902 and you can find the ruins of the old city over here. You can enjoy diving, or visiting a volcanological museum, etc over here.

8. Le Carbet

Address: Le Carbet, Martinique.

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This is a beautiful village in French overseas of Martinique. It attracts visitors with plenty of stunning beaches. It is believed that this is the site where Christopher Columbus landed during his last trip in 1502. Popular attractions of this town are an 18th century Baroque Church which is dedicated to St James, Paul Gauguin Heritage Interpretation Centre with the amazing collection of his paintings, Latouche Cove with beautiful botanical & zoological gardens.

9. Trois Ilets

Address: Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique.

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This is a vibrant coastal city in Martinique. This is an active village where you can enjoy unlimited watersports activities, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars, casinos, golf resorts, boutiques, cafes, etc. You can also find luxury resorts with all amenities in this town.

10. Musée de la Pagerie

Address: D38, Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique.

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This museum was the birthplace of the beautiful wife of Napoleon; Josephine. You can explore some of the personal belongings, lover letters from Napoleon, marriage certificate, and enjoy the stone architecture of the cottage. You can learn more about her childhood to marriage from guides over here.

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