Top 10 Places To Celebrate Halloween In Europe

There are so many attractive events and festivals in Europe for celebrating Halloween. It celebrates at the end of harvest season in ancient days. If you dare to witness the frightening ghost tours over here, find the most attractive sites to celebrate Halloween this year in Europe.

1. London

Address: London, UK.

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This is an all-time favourite city to celebrate Halloween in Europe. It has so many scary attractions and celebrations throughout the city, spooky tours, themed dinners, club events and parades and the ghost tours will take you to the haunted sites in London.

2. Edinburgh

Address: Edinburgh Waverley Station, Edinburgh EH1 1BB, United Kingdom.

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Edinburgh in Scotland celebrates Halloween like wearing scary costumes, children�s Trick or treat games, theatre shows, club events, gory gigs, ghost tours to city�s scary landmarks etc.

3. Prague

Address: 6 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DA, United Kingdom.

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Prague is a historic site in Europe with hold towns, medieval streets, stunning gothic architecture etc, hence this is the right place celebrate Halloween and popular sites are the Charles Bridge, Torture Museum, Old Jewish Cemetery etc.

4. Limoges

Address: 2 Rue Bernard Lathière, 87000 Limoges, France.

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Limoges in France is a medieval city started celebrating Halloween since 1996. It celebrated the day with street parades, various attractive events, story- telling festivals, people with colourful costumes, ghost tours etc.

5. Transylvania

Address: 352 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6LE, United Kingdom.

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The name of the city itself explains that you can experience the most frightened Halloween celebrations over here, in the land of Dracula Prabhu and his memories remains un Bran Castle over here, an attractive natural setting too. You can celebrate this event with scary tours, colourful parades, costume parades etc over here.

6. Venice

Address: Little Venice, London, UK.

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Venice in Italy is a popular city to celebrate Halloween. This is one of the beautiful places in Europe with lot of attractive events like people wear sensual Venetian masks, spectacular masquerade balls, ghost tours to the scary historic sites of the city, parades with scary costumes etc.

7. Dublin

Address: City Gate, 22 Lower Bridge St, Usher's Quay, Dublin, D08 DW30, Ireland.

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Dublin in Ireland attracts visitors for celebrating Halloween with parades where people wear scary costumes, club events, traditions, carnivals etc. You should be enough dare to celebrate Halloween over here.

8. Barcelona

Address: 1 Middlesex St, Spitalfields, London E1 7AA, United Kingdom.

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Barcelona is a historic land in Spain with lot of scary sites to celebrate Halloween. Things which will attracts you in this city include amazing architecture, festivals, culture & traditions. Popular Halloween celebrations are parades with scary costumes, music events, family-friendly shows at Port Aventura amusement park etc.

9. Ostend

Address: 8400 Ostend, Belgium.

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Ostend in Belgium celebrates Halloween by huge decorations, creepy events and scary creatures. There are lot of scary events takes places over here and this is the city in Europe which celebrated Halloween so early in every year.

10. Amsterdam

Address: 7 Trebovir Rd, Earl's Court, London SW5 9LS, United Kingdom.

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Amsterdam is the most beautiful city n Netherland and popular for Halloween celebrations. You can find themed events throughout the city site like in museums, restaurants, clubs etc and can find attractive scary events like ghost tours, costume parties, music events etc.

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