Top 10 Places To Explore In Crete

Crete is a historic island and attracts visitors with its historic towns, stunning beaches, castles, National Parks, harbours, archaeological sites, museums, Venetian architecture etc. Crete is considered as the 88th largest island in the world.

1. Phaistos

Address: Φαιστού, Ag. Ioannis 702 00, Greece.

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Phaistos Photo

This archaeological site is located in South Central Crete. Phaistos is considered as a Bronze Age archaeological site. Phaistos is an epic city and believed that birth place of Epimenidis, one of the wisest men in the ancient Greek. This city is famous for palaces and first place was built in 2000BC. The Palaces are built with Ashlar blocks and have many terraces.

2. Balos Beach

Address: Balos Beach, Greece.

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Balos beach is selected as one of the best beaches in Greece is made up with beautiful Lagoons. This beach is located in West coast of Crete is ideal for kids. This beach is a favourite place for tourists because of the white sand, turquoise water and wonderful natural sceneries.

3. Samaria Gorge

Address: Agia Roumeli 730 11, Greece.

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Samaria Gorge is a National Park located on the White mountains of Crete Island .Crete Island is a great Biosphere reserve. This National Park offers hiking facilities and most scenic National Parks in Europe. There are so many things in this Park excite you includes The Marmara Beach, Crete Botanical garden, Sougia Beach, Agia Irini Gorge, Liquid Bungy, Boriana Gorge etc.

4. Malia Palace

Address: Malia, Crete 700 07, Greece.

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Malia Palace Photo

Palace of Malia stretches 7500 square metres in the North coast of Crete. This is a famous archaeological site in Greece. Explore Malian beauty through nightlife, Malia Old town, Minoan Palace, Mountain biking, land rover safaris etc.

5. Rethymnon Old Town

Address: Rethimno 741 00, Greece.

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Rethymnon Old Town Photo

Rethymnon Old Town attracts visitors with its Venetian Architecture. You can take a walk through the narrow streets of the old town, can enjoy renaissance model architecture with Venetian style, coastal areas, can find many buildings with Turkish architecture, Old town museum, can enjoy street shopping and fine dishes from street restaurants etc.

6. Elafonissi beach

Address: Kissamos 730 01, Greece.

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Elafonissi beach Photo

This is a popular summer destination in Crete. You can find this beach at southern side of Crete. This is a perfect spot for enjoying number of water sports activities like swimming, sunbathing etc. The calm waves allow even children to enjoy. It has long white and pink sand and the highest attraction is Elafonissi Lagoon.

7. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Address: 28, Chalidon St, Chania 731 31, Greece.

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Heraklion Archaeological Museum Photo

This would be a favourite place for archaeology lovers. This museum was established in 1883, one of the oldest museums in Crete, visitors can find the entire collections of artefacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete. Some of the popular collections are Statue of Isis-Persephone holding a sistrum, Minoan jewellery, Bull leaping fresco etc.

8. Rethimno

Address: Unnamed Road, Chania 731 31, Greece.

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Rethimno Photo

This is the most colourful town in Crete. The interesting thing you can enjoy in this city includes Rethimno Lighthouse of 1830?s, Venetian Harbor with number of fishing boats, a 16th century citadel on the hilltop, Rethimno beach and a historical and folklore museum over here.

9. Chania

Address: Chania, Greece.

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Chania Photo

This is another Old coastal town of Crete with number of things to attract visitors. You can take a short walk through the narrow streets, or can enjoy a fine dining at waterfront restaurants, harbour and a 16th century light house, Nautical Museum with vast collection of Naval objects & ship models, St. Francis monastery etc.

10. Spinalonga

Address: Spinalonga, Greece.

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Spinalonga Photo

This beautiful island is located in the north-eastern Crete. It attracts visitors with a 16th century Venetian fortress and the ruins of a leper colony. Through a boat trip you can reach this island and can enjoy the remaining of the fortress and can enjoy the beauty of surrounded blue waters. It was a strong military base at Venetian rule

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