Top 10 Things To Do In Palau- The Island Country

Palau is a beautiful island country in the Western Pacific Ocean. Palau has beautiful 340 Islands and water sports activities are popular on these islands. It has UNESCO heritage sites, the world's first shark sanctuary, museums, waterfalls, lagoons, etc. Let's find what Palau can offer in this vacation:

1. Rock Islands

Address: Rock Islands, Koror, Palau.

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Rock Islands Photo

Since 2012, Rock islands have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage site. It consists of limestone collections and coral reefs. These islands are beautiful with blue lagoons and white sand beaches. This is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Palau. Most of the islands are mushroom-shaped and Dolphin Bay and Jelly Fish Lake are the top attractions of this Island.

2. Etpison Museum

Address: Koror, Palau.

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Etpison Museum Photo

The famous Etpison Museum is located in Koror Island; This Island is the most famous attractions of Palau. This was established in 1999 and covers an area of 3000 square feet. This museum explains the culture and traditions of Palau region. It exhibits artworks, storyboards, antique collections, and photographs collections.

3. Palau Aquarium

Address: Koror, Palau.

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Palau Aquarium Photo

In Palau aquarium, you can see a large number of local marine life. This aquarium has classified into 16 sections, each with unique species. Here you can study deeply the nature of marine life and one of the favorite spot for kids. This aquarium is maintaining to provide the best information to visitors all the time.

4. The Milky way Lagoon

Address: Koror, Palau.

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The Milky way Lagoon Photo

This pretty blue lagoon you can find in Koror Island. It contains a variety of marine life and the crystal clear waters are suited for scuba diving and swimming. While boat tour, there are many picture stops are available. This area is popular for mud bath and snorkeling too.

5. Ngardmau Waterfalls

Address: Ngiwal, Palau.

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Ngardmau Waterfalls Photo

You can find this amazing waterfall on Babeldaob Island. This is considered as the highest waterfall in Palau. From here you can take a trial to Taki Nature Reserve rich with rare plants and flora. And at the end of the trial, you can see naturally created pools of the Nqertebechel River.

6. Water sports

Address: 1923 Old Eastern Ave suite a, Baltimore, MD 21221, United States.

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Water sports Photo

Well, Palau is popular for various water sports activities. Top attractions are Kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, helicopter tours, camping, off-road driving, etc.

7. The Jelly Fish lake

Address: Jellyfish Lake, Koror, Palau.

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The Jelly Fish lake Photo

This wonderful lake is situated on Eil Malk Island, part of Rock Islands. The lake has an abundant number of Golden Jellyfish and precious marine species. This lake is surrounded by rock walls and trees to protect the lake. Snorkeling is the famous tourist attraction in Jelly Fish Lake.

8. Belau National Museum

Address: Koror, Palau.

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Belau National Museum Photo

This is the oldest museum in the Micronesian region. This was opened in 1955 and visitors can learn about the culture and history of Palau. It has large collections of arts, photographs, sculptures, etc.

9. Dolphins Pacific

Address: Koror, Palau.

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Dolphins Pacific Photo

Swim and interact with cute dolphins definitely a great experience for visitors. Dolphins Pacific is located near Koror and facilitates visitors to learn and interact with this precious marine life.

10. Badrulchau Stone Monoliths

Address: Palau, Coahuila, Mexico.

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths Photo

This is a popular archaeological site in Palau consists of 37 ancient stone columns in a sequence. The largest monolith has a weight of 5 tons. You can understand the civilization period of Babeldaob's from the stone structures. These stone monoliths are believed to be 2000 years old.

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