Top 10 Things To Explore In Venezuela

There is a number of natural things to explore in Venezuela including stunning beaches, breath-taking mountains, National Parks, Old colonial towns, charming islands, sand dunes, etc.

1. Margarita Island

Address: Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

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This is a charming as well as largest island in Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. It has more than 50 stunning beaches to explore and this is a popular family destination over here. You can enjoy nature walks, water sports activities like swimming, sunbathing, kayaking etc from here.

2. Mount Roraima

Address: Mt Roraima.

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This is one of the highest mountains in Venezuela with an elevation of 9220ft. The summit is surrounded by cliffs with 400 meters. This is situated in the heart of Canaima National Park and even though it lies in between Guyana and Brazil, you can climb the Mountain through its Venezuela side only.

3. Morrocoy National Park

Address: Parque Nacional Morrocoy, Tucacas 4101, Falcón, Venezuela.

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This National Park is very famous for its mangroves and stunning beaches. The National Park is a protected island and a marine preserve of the Caribbean coast. This is a popular bird watching and wildlife viewing destination and the water is very clear and it enables you to view the underwater system very clearly like coral reefs, sea turtles, dolphins, etc.

4. Angel falls

Address: Angel Falls, 8011, Bolívar, Venezuela.

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This is an amazing natural attraction that you can enjoy in Venezuela. It falls from the height of 3,208-feet on the side of Auyantepui Mountain in the Canaima National Park and considered as the world�s highest uninterrupted waterfall.

5. Orinoco Delta

Address: Orinoco delta, 6401, Delta Amacuro, Venezuela.

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This is a large river delta in the Orinoco located in the eastern part of Venezuela. Mariusa National Park is situated within the delta and the area is rich with mangroves, rain forests, swamp forests, etc. You can also find a large number of bird species over here and enjoy boat ridings over here.

6. Medanos de Coro national park

Address: Intercomunal Coro - Punto Fijo, Falcón, Venezuela.

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This National Park was established in 1974 and popular for its sand dunes in orange and yellow shades. Some of the sand dunes are with a height of 140 feet and due to heavy winds, it changes its shape always. You can enjoy camel riding, sand boarding etc from here.

7. Mochima National Park

Address: Parque Nacional Mochima, Mochima 6101, Sucre, Venezuela.

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This National park was established in 1973, with an aim of protecting the marine environment and preserves the forests in Turimiquire Mountains. It spreads from Cumana to Puerto la Cru shoreline. You can enjoy amazing water sports activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving etc over here.

8. Los Roques archipelago

Address: Los Roques archipelago, Federal Dependencies of Venezuela, Venezuela.

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This National Park protects more than 300 stunning islands and cays surrounding a 400-sq.-km lagoon. This is the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea. The area is rich with flora, fauna, beautiful beaches etc and you can enjoy swimming, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.

9. National Pantheon of Venezuela

Address: Caracas 1010, Capital District, Venezuela.

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This is the last resting place of the National Saints of Venezuela. This is situated on the edge of the old town of Caracas, also you can find the ruins of old church over here. The colonial architecture is really worth to watch.

10. Merida Cable Car

Address: Plaza las Heroínas, final con av 8, Calle 24 Rangel, Mérida, Venezuela.

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Don�t miss to ride in the World�s highest and longest cable car in Venezuela. Its base is situated on the Merida City at an altitude of 1640meters. It will take you to 12 kilometers car route with amazing views of Venezuela and also there are stops for better viewing of sceneries.

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