Top 10 Things You Can Enjoy In Newfoundland

Newfound land is called as the land of natural wonders. It is a historic site and you can find number of World heritage sites and Nature Parks over here. Newfoundland is an island so you can reach here either by sea or by air. This is the oldest city in New America so lots of historical facts you can understand by visiting here. The top must visit points in Newfoundland:

1. Cabot Tower

Address: Signal Hill Rd, St. John's, NL A1A 1B2, Canada.

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Cabot Tower Photo

This tower stands as a symbol of Newfoundland in at signal hill, St.Johns Harbour. Cabot tower is a stone tower and functions as a signal tower. This tower was dedicated on the 400th anniversary of John Cabot?s discovery of Newfoundland and Queen Victoria?s Diamond Jubilee. There is a heritage shop on the first floor, a visitor centre, hiking trial to Cabot tower and panoramic views of the coastal areas of Avalon Peninsula.

2. East Coast Trail

Address: Cape Broyle, NL A0A 1P0, Canada.

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East Coast Trail Photo

This is popular hiking destination in Newfoundland. Here you can find number of outdoor activities for all age group of the family. Popular among are iceberg viewing, hiking and walking trials, whale watching trips, rafting, kayaking, diving, museums, fishing , skiing, boat tours, camping , visiting historic sites and museums etc.

3. Newfoundland Insectarium

Address: 2 Bonne Bay Rd, Reidville, NL A8A 2V1, Canada.

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Newfoundland Insectarium Photo

Visiting this educational centre would definitely be a different experience for you. Here you can find an attractive butterfly garden which filled with colourful tropical butterflies. This is the largest butterfly garden in eastern North America and you will get amazing close photography chances of them over here. Also you can relax some moments on the pond side or can watch beautiful waterfall or just walk and relax on the stunning beaches here.

4. Cape Race Lighthouse

Address: Division No. 1, Subd. V, NL A0A 4B0, Canada.

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Cape Race Lighthouse Photo

This is another tourist destination in Newfoundland. In 1975, this lighthouse included in the National Historic list of Canada. In every 7.5 seconds a white flash light come up from this light house. The aim of this light house is to guide ships and the features are stone building, it has square windows and door, exterior is painted with white and red colour and has a concrete walkway and railing.

5. Castle Hill

Address: Castle Hill, The Bronx, NY 10473, USA.

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Castle Hill Photo

This area is surrounded with natural beauties and you can find the remaining of French and British fortifications. The aim of the construction of the castle is to protect the bay. In 1968, Castle Hill designated as a National historic site and the things you can watch around are Fort Royal, remains of British blockhouse, Remains of the walls of Gaillardin Redoubt, Horseshoe Battery ? unexcavated remains also you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the bay and can relax sometimes there.

6. Bay De Verde Heritage House

Address: 7 Blundon Point, Bay de Verde, NL A0A 1E0, Canada.

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Bay De Verde Heritage House Photo

This is a heritage museum in Newfoundland which exhibits more than 700 artifacts, a heritage park and a Baccalieu Interpretation Centre. This was built in 1896 by Mr. John Blundon, a local merchant over here. In 1996, his family dedicated this house to the Town of Bay de Verde and now preserving as a heritage site.

7. Basilica of St. John the Baptist

Address: 627 McKinley Ave NW, Canton, OH 44703, United States.

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Basilica of St. John the Baptist Photo

You can find the Roman style architecture over here especially in the form of a cross. The building construction was recorded in history that this is the largest building project in Newfound ever. The features are the Lombard Romanesque style of architecture, it has two 150ft towers from street level, and another valuable structure in Basilica is the marble sculpture of Dead Christ by Irish sculptor John Hogan, large bells on the towers, stained glass windows and Basilica Museum.

8. The Arches Provincial Park

Address: Portland Creek, NL A0K 4G0, Canada.

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The Arches Provincial Park Photo

This amazing nature park is located in Portland Creek will surprise you by its natural arches shape due to tidal action. This is a photographic point and picnicking and parking facilities are provided. Also you can enjoy walking trials to the top of the rocks or can walk under the arches.

9. Salmonier Nature Park

Address: Salmonier Line, Holyrood, NL A0A 2R0, Canada.

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Salmonier Nature Park Photo

Here you can experience a boardwalk trial through woods and wetlands. On the trials you will be able to see the wildlife very closely and get chances to take pictures. There is a Wildlife discovery centre with wildlife displays of Newfoundland. You will get chances to meet the species like foxes, owls, caribou, otters, moose etc.

10. Gros Morne National Park

Address: Gros Morne, Division No. 9, Subd. A, NL A0K 3V0, Canada.

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Gros Morne National Park Photo

This is a World heritage site and the second largest National Park in Atlantic Canada. Hiking is the popular activity you can enjoy here and the name of the famous hiking trial is the James Callaghan Trail, after the visit of the former British Prime Minister. Also number of birds and animals you can found here includes Moose, black bears, red foxes, river otters etc.

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