Top 12 Fun Things You Can Do In Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderland due to its amazing natural scenic spots. There are several beautiful lakes, ancient castles, mountains, museums, National Parks; a variety of hiking routes, etc makes your trip an unforgettable one. There is a number of resorts and other amenities would be available to make your trip an easy and comfortable one. Best Things you can enjoy in Switzerland:

1. Lake Geneva

Address: Lake Geneva.

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Lake Geneva Photo

This beautiful lake attracts visitors due to its crescent shape and this lake is shared by France and Switzerland. From the shore, you can enjoy the beauty of the Alps Mountains and feel like you are in fairyland. The lake is surrounded by wine yards, the Alps Mountains, and very popular tourist cities and resorts. You can enjoy the boat trip also would be definitely an everlasting memory.

2. The Matterhorn

Address: Matterhorn.

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The Matterhorn Photo

The majestic Matterhorn is known as the paradise of glaciers. It borders Italy and Switzerland and a popular Skiing spot in Switzerland. Matterhorn is ranked as the best photographic mountain in the World due to its endless beauty. It has a height of 14672 ft. which finds it difficult to climb but thrilling. Another attraction is the Matterhorn museum where you can learn about the history of people in Zermatt and other exciting exhibitions also you can find there.

3. Chillon Castle

Address: Avenue de Chillon 21, 1820 Veytaux, Switzerland.

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Chillon Castle Photo

This is a beautiful Island castle located on the shore of Lake Geneva. This castle is considered one of the most visited castles in Switzerland. The castle is of the 12th century of Savoy periods and seems like it is floating. Now the castle is included in the Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance. The Castle and Lake Geneva were a favorite place of romantic writers once.

4. Swiss National Museum

Address: Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

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Swiss National Museum Photo

This museum is established in 1898 at Zurich, Switzerland's largest city. From the museum, you can understand the culture, tradition and architecture style of Switzerland. This museum has a wonderful garden and also you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Geneva. You can find the handicrafts and history from ancient periods to the present day. The museum is divided into 14 divisions and has huge collections of 8, 60,000 objects.

5. The Castle of Gruyeres

Address: Rue du Château 8, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland.

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The Castle of Gruyeres Photo

This amazing ancient period castle is located in the top of the medieval town of Gruyeres. This is a 13th-century castle and you will get an idea of ancient history and arts. The castle has the objects of a huge collection of historic periods includes stained-glass windows, the wall hangings, and paintings of renowned artists, the architectural style, decorations of Charles the Bold's Knights' room and capes belonging to him.

6. The Geneva water fountain

Address: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève, Switzerland.

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The Geneva water fountain Photo

This is also known as 'Jet d'Eau', the largest water fountain in Geneva with a height of 140m.which you should not miss. This fountain becomes the official logo for Geneva's hosting of the 2008 UEFA Championships. This is the 3 rd pencil fountain of Geneva. You can enjoy the beauty of this fountain very closely while walking through the lake and surrounding park.

7. Swiss National Park

Address: Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

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Swiss National Park Photo

Swiss National Park is established in 1914 and considered as one of the first National Parks in Europe. This National Park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps and it is a part of Biosphere Reserve. This park is protected from all human activities which affect the growth of flora and Fauna. You can a variety of birds and animals like Golden eagle, bearded vulture, marmot, chamois, etc. Also, you can enjoy an 80kms trial over here.

8. Golden Pass Railway

Address: Rue de la Gare 22, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland.

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Golden Pass Railway Photo

With breath-taking sceneries, this tourist train pass would be one of the most interesting things you can enjoy. The journey starts from Lake Geneva and passes 8 lakes, 3 passes, 6 cantons and ends at Lake Lucerne. You can enjoy the beauty of vineyards, mountains, valleys, lakes, etc endlessly throughout the journey.

9. Swiss Alps

Address: Zürich, Switzerland.

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Swiss Alps Photo

You should definitely visit the 'mountain of mountains'- Swiss Alps. This is the greatest natural wonder of Switzerland. You can have scenic trips including train or boat and there are natural sites like mountain tops & lakes and also you can enjoy skiing, sky diving, hiking, etc.

10. The Valle Verzasca

Address: Valle Verzasca, 6633 Lavertezzo, Switzerland.

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The Valle Verzasca Photo

A journey to this ancient valley takes you to the rural traditional villages of Switzerland. This narrow valley offers you an amazing view of landscapes and one side beautiful with the Alps and the other side with beautiful lakes. The green colored river over here is a popular diving destination. You can enjoy several hiking paths along the journey of this valley.

11. Chapel Bridge

Address: Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland.

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Chapel Bridge Photo

This is a wooden footbridge over the Reuss River. This is one of the oldest, still surviving bridges in the World and oldest covered bridge in Europe itself. What makes the bridge so attractive are the interior paintings of the 17th century and the octagonal tower is not open to the public.

12. Zurich Lake

Address: Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

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Zurich Lake Photo

This lake extends from Southeast of Zurich city and amazingly beautiful with its banana shape, suitable for boating, swimming and you can enjoy the beauty of surrounding mountains. The water in this lake is very clean and summer is the best season to enjoy the lake visiting.

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