Top 15 Travel Destinations In Egypt - The Land Of Giant Pyramids

Well if you have a plan to spend your holiday in Egypt, we have the best travel package for you. We call to tell you the most attractive visitor center in Egypt during this trip. This country has a very long historical background; known as the cradle of civilization. There are lot many things to explore here includes giant pyramids, iconic monuments, deserts, museums, etc. List of things that you can enjoy in Egypt

1. Great Sphinx of Giza

Address: Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt.

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Great Sphinx of Giza Photo

This is a great colonial structure made with limestone and looks like a woman's head and a lion's body. This statue is 241 ft. long and 20 ft. wider than a six-storied building and assumed that it was built by 4500 years ago. Great Sphinx statue faces to the east. This statue suffered some damages due to erosion and climate but still, this is one of the wonders in Egypt.

2. Egyptian Museum

Address: Kornish Al Nile, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Egyptian Museum Photo

Egyptian Museum is the largest museum in Egypt and situated in the Capital city, Cairo. Here you can see the World's largest collections of ancient artifacts. This museum was built in 1901 by the Italian construction company Garozzo-Zaffarani and has exhibits of more than 120000 items. There are two floors in the museum consists of ancient coins and papyrus, statues, tables, mummies, etc.

3. Cairo Tower

Address: Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

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Cairo Tower Photo

This is the tallest structure in Egypt with 187 m and a free-standing tower located in Cairo. You can have panoramic views of the historic capital city from the top of this tower. There is a rotating tower on the top of this tower and this tower is considered as a modern monument in Cairo.

4. Abu Simbel Temples

Address: Abu Simbel, Aswan Governorate, Egypt.

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Abu Simbel Temples Photo

You will really get surprised by visiting these great temples in Abu Simbel and it took nearly twenty years to complete the construction. These are two massive rock temples of Egypt's pharaohs. This is included in UNESCO's National monument list. The two temples are dedicated to King Ramesses II and his wife Queen Amun-her-khepeshef.

5. Giza Pyramid Complex

Address: Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt.

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Giza Pyramid Complex Photo

No wonder, the giant pyramids are all-time attractions of Visitors. This is an archaeological site situated in Giza. The Great pyramid over here was included in the old list of 'seven wonders of the World'. Pyramids of Giza consist of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Khafre and Pyramid of Menkaure. You can also find Tomb of Queen Khentkaus I, Sphinx, Cemeteries and Workers' village over here.

6. Al-Azhar Park

Address: Salah Salem St, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

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Al-Azhar Park Photo

This is an important destination for a tourist is situated in Cairo. It is situated in a hilly area and attracts visitors with its beautiful gardens, fountains, open-air theatre and the interesting fact is you can view most of the Egyptian historical monuments from here.

7. Colossi of Memnon

Address: Al Bairat, الأقصر، Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Colossi of Memnon Photo

These two monuments were a part of King Amenhotep III Temple. These rock statues facing towards East, Nile River and stands as a guard for this temple at the entrance. The height of these statues is 18 meters and weighs 720 tons each. Natural disasters caused damage to the temple complex but these statues stay as a reminder.

8. Karnak Temple Complex

Address: Karnak, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Karnak Temple Complex Photo

This is one of the largest temple complex situated near Luxor, Egypt. This was the greatest destination of worship and you can see chapels, pylons, Pillars of the Great Hypostyle Hall, temples of Theban Gods, freeze in the Precinct of Amun Re, Temple of Amenhotep IV, etc. The architecture and other interior part explain about Theban culture.

9. Gayer-Anderson Museum

Address: أحمد بن طولون طولون، As Sayedah، El-Sayeda Zainab, Egypt.

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Gayer-Anderson Museum Photo

This is one of the notable art museums in Egypt opened in 1945 in Cairo. This was previously a house of Mr. Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson Pasha and later converted it into museums with his antique collections. The interiors, architecture, furniture, etc are the best examples of 17th centuries. The house is divided into two parts and almost 17 worth watching rooms are there.

10. Coptic Museum

Address: Kornish Al Nile, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Coptic Museum Photo

You will be surprised by seeing the world's largest collection of Christian artifacts here. It shows you the history of Egypt from past to present periods and collections of Christian manuscripts and artifacts. Total around 15000 objects were there for exhibition and this museum is the best example of Coptic art.

11. Badr Museum

Address: Kornish Al Nile, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Badr Museum Photo

This museum is maintaining in memory of renowned artist in Egypt, Badr Abdel Moghny. This museum constructed by him himself in mud brick structure and inside you can find his wall paintings and sculptures. The surrounding garden is also filled with sculptures and objects from the surrounding deserts.

12. Luxor Museum

Address: Kornish Al Nile, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt.

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Luxor Museum Photo

This archaeological museum situated on the banks of the Nile river exhibits artifacts of ancient Egypt, the Royal mummies, pharaonic art and sculptures. This museum was opened in 1975, is a two-storied building.

13. Cairo Citadel

Address: Salah Salem St, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

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Cairo Citadel Photo

This is the popular citadel in Cairo, Egypt, built in the 12th century and opened in 1183. This is also known as Mohamed Ali Citadel and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is also known as" the new center of the Islamic world". There are three Mosques and 3 museums in this Citadel. The museums include collections of artifacts of various periods in Egypt.

14. Montaza Palace

Address: Al Mandarah Bahri, Montaza 2, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt.

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Montaza Palace Photo

Montaza Palace is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Egypt located at the eastern edge of Alexandria. The first the Salamlek Palace was built by Khedive Abbas II and later larger Al-Haramlik Palace and royal gardens were built in addition to the main palace are by King Fuad I. There is an amazing Royal garden spreads into 150 acres and museum exhibits the royal artifacts.

15. Nile River

Address: Gazirat Al Awameyah, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 85111, Egypt.

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Nile River Photo

You cannot stop traveling in Egypt without having a visit to the Great Nile River. Most of the popular cities are situated on the shore of this river. This is the longest river in the World and this is the major source of Egyptian people. This is the birthplace of Egyptian civilization and cruise tours are also available through the river for best scenic views.

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