Top 16 Famous Countries Around The World For Food

While we traveling normally we would try to get the best tasty and popular dish in that area, sometimes even we search for it. Definitely, what will stay in your mind once you complete the trip are the best sceneries and the tastes. People would be more satisfied if you serve the tasty dish for them, so here are some countries famous food details, try this once you visit there. Best 16 countries famous for foods

1. Italy

Address: Sekeri 2, Athina 106 74, Greece.

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Italy is famous in the World for their Pizza and Pasta. Once you had it, you will never forget the colorful Pizzas and most of the Italian dishes are made with Tomatoes, Olive oil, and bread. While choosing to remember the best Pizza flavor names: Quattro Formaggi, Margherita and Speck e Mascarpone. Apart from Pizza, some other popular dishes in Italy are Panna cotta, Caprese and red wine.

2. India

Address: No.3 Kleanthous street, Athens, Athina 106 74, Greece.

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In this traditional country, you will get a number of varieties of dishes especially vegetarian. You can understand the culture through the tastes here. Rice is the basic dish you would get it from everywhere with so many side dishes. Some of the popular dishes in India rich with spices are Hyderabadi Biriyani, Paneer butter masala, Aloo Gobi, Charts etc. are really mouthwatering.

3. Switzerland

Address: Iasiou 2, Athina 115 21, Greece.

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Most of the popular dishes in Switzerland are made up of Cheese, milk, and chocolates. Italian dishes have the influence of taste of countries like Italian, French, and German. Some of the popular dishes you should try are Fondue (iconic food of Switzerland), Raclette, Les Rostis, La longeole, and chocolates.

4. Korea

Address: Voulis 33, Athina 105 57, Greece.

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Most of the Korean foods are healthy in nature and the usage of oil is very less. Rice, vegetables, and meats are parts of everyday meals and the key ingredients are using for cooking are pepper, ginger, garlic, chili paste and soya sauce. The major dishes you must try in Korea are Kimchi (vegetable dish), Jokbal (pig's leg), Dolsotbap and Kongguksu.

5. Mexico

Address: Petraki 10, Athina 105 63, Greece.

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Mexican dishes have greatly associated with the deep culture of the country. Some of the colorful dishes you can taste from here are Mexican huarache, Chili con carne, Enchiladas, Quesadilla and so on. Tomatoes, chili, pepper, corn etc. can found in most of the dishes.

6. France

Address: Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 7, Athina 106 71, Greece.

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The very first thing you should try is the French wine and is world famous. From the tasty dishes, we can understand the richness and heritage of the country. Some of the popular dishes you should not miss in France are French Soup, Tartar, fish soups, Croque-Monsieur (a breakfast item) and Paris are famous for cheese, pastries, and chocolates.

7. Japan

Address: Eth. Antistaseos 46, Chalandri 152 31, Greece.

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The traditional dish of Japan is Rice with miso soup and other dishes and most of the dishes are served with Rice wine, a unique taste of Japan. One of the interesting things is like none another country they are still using Chopsticks for eating. Some of the other popular dishes you must try are Sushi, noodles, ramen, eel, fried pork cutlets etc.

8. Philippines

Address: Antheon 26, Psichiko 154 52, Greece.

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You should not forget to drink the famous palm wine in the Philippines. Philippines food culture has the influence of China, India, America, and Spain. The taste of Stuffed squid made up with Olive oil, Spanish onion, garlic, mint leaves black pepper and some other good flavors would stay in your mouth always. Some other popular dishes you can have from here are noodles, spring rolls, torta, adobo, and so many spicy dishes.

9. Greece

Address: Athens, Greece.

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When you are in search to find a fine dish in Greece, no doubt choose the Greek Salad. The key ingredients behind this healthy dish are tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, and olives. The usual content of most of the dishes is wheat. Some of the popular dishes in Greece you should try are Souvlaki (iconic dish of Greek), Mousaka, fava etc.

10. Pakistan

Address: Vekiareli 15, Filothei 152 37, Greece.

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Pakistani dishes have the influence of great Mughal legacy, Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia's. You can found diversity and richness of the country through their dishes. Some of the popular dishes you don't miss when in Pakistan are Chicken corn soup, fried fish, shahi tukra, chicken tandoori, dal, roti etc. and don't forget to have the famous Pakistani Lassi.

11. Vietnam

Address: Praxitelous 36 &, Skouleniou 4, Athina 105 61, Greece.

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Vietnamese cuisine has a unique taste the reason is most of the dishes are made with the key ingredients like Soy sauce, fish sauce, rice, fresh herbs, shrimp paste and fruits, and vegetables. Vietnamese dishes are famous from ancient periods because of these ingredients. The popular dishes you can try here are Jasmine tea, noodle soup, Banh Mi, Goi Cuon, Cha ca, sure you would love these tastes.

12. Thailand

Address: Dekeleon 22, Athina 118 54, Greece.

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Grilled Squid or octopus is a common tasty dish available in streets of Thailand and the National cuisine of Thailand is Thai Cuisine famous for its spiciness. The popular Thailand dishes are spicy green papaya salad, Tom Yam Goong (a soup with so many flavors) and Pad Thai.

13. China

Address: Apollonos 2, Athina 105 57, Greece.

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You can find a rich diversity in Chinese Cuisines. Some of the popular dishes you can have a try here are Soy sauce, Tea, noodles, Tofu, Bird's nest soup, soy puff etc. Colour, smell, and taste are the three basic factors enough to describe the taste of the country.

14. Spain

Address: Dionysiou Areopagitou 21, Athina 117 42, Greece.

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Enjoy the Spanish Pork Tenderloin medallions, one of the popular and tasty dishes in Spain. Spanish dishes are world famous because of the flavors added in it. You can try from the streets and restaurants both for getting real Spanish taste. Some of the major dishes you must try our Tapas, a kind of Spanish Snacks, potato omelet, Jamon, and seafood Paella.

15. USA

Address: Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 91, Athina 115 21, Greece.

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When you are in the USA, try to drink Starbucks coffee and sure you would love this yummy taste of different varieties of donuts here. In New York City you can find most of the taste of the USA. Most of the favorite foods of people around here are burgers, Cheesecake, American style of Italian Pasta called "Mac & Cheese" and Iceberg Salad.

16. Australia

Address: Χατζηγιάννη Μέξη 5, 5, Hatziyianni Mexi Street, Athina 115 28, Greece.

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Australia Photo

The National dish of Australia is Salt and pepper squid perfect with a glass of wine. Australia has a variety of cuisines to offer for you. The iconic dish of Australia is Vegemite, made with vegetables and spices, Billy tea, Fairy bread, Melbourne chicken, and the rare Kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat also you can try.

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