Top 5 Destinations For Mountaineering In Patagonia

Patagonia is a paradise those who seek adventure trips. There are breathtaking mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, Rocky Mountains, etc to climb up. Here are the top 5 wonderful destinations where you can enjoy climbing. People of all levels have something to enjoy over here.

1. Mojón Rojo

Address: Fitz Roy.

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This is a red color peak situated at an elevation of 1700m and it will take nearly two days to reach its summit. It requires some sort of physical ability and little bit of practice to reach over here. You need to climb rocky paths from Laguna Sucia lake and on the way you can find a cave where you can stay overnight and enjoy the stunning surrounding views on the way to the summit.

2. Cerro Ventana Sur

Address: Cerro Ventana, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

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If you are a beginner in climbing, this would be a perfect destination for you. This is situated south of Bariloche and attracts climbers with stunning views like mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys. You should wear a helmet while hiking because most of the area is filled with loose rocks. You can find campgrounds in Los Coihues on the north side of Lago Gutierrez.

3. Cerro Madsen

Address: Andreas Madsen, El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina.

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This is an amazing mountain situated at an elevation of 1806m and a favorite one for beginners. Climbing level is moderate and duration is nearly one day. You can stay in overnight camps if you can’t climb in a single day. On the way, you can enjoy the views of charming lakes and Glacier Mountains.

4. Villa Llanquín

Address: Río Limay, Cipolletti, Río Negro, Argentina.

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It will take nearly 45 minutes’ drive from Bariloche to Villa Llanquín. Here climbing would be a different experience for you because you can enjoy the beauty of mountains which look like a desert. Climbing over here is most suitable for beginners as well as intermediaries. You have to pass rivers, pedestrian bridges, etc to reach climbing areas. You need to cover volcanic rock paths while climbing.

5. Cerro Eléctrico

Address: El Chaltén, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.

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This mountain range is situated at an elevation of 1700m and it will take two days to reach the summit. It would be nice if you have some prior climbing experience. Once you reach the summit enjoy the stunning views of surroundings.

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