Top 8 Things To Do In Barbados

Barbados is a charming Caribbean island in North America. There are so many amazing things to explore here includes pristine beaches, caves, botanical gardens, historic sites, colonial buildings etc are worth to visit. The popular things you can explore here are:

1. National Heroes gallery and Museum of Parliament

Address: Bridgetown, Barbados.

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This is situated in the capital city of Bridgetown. National Heroes gallery is a part of World heritage list and you can understand the contributions of National Heroes to the Nation and the importance given by people in Barbados for them.

2. Harrison�s Cave

Address: Allen View, Barbados.

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This is a must visit attraction in Barbados. In 1981, this cave was open to public. This massive cave system is 2.3kilometers long and 700 meter above sea level. This cave got its name from the popular land owner of that area, Thomas Harrison. On a tramway you can reach this subterranean environment.

3. Cannon Galore

Address: Bridgetown,MI,Barbados.

You can find here one of the largest collections of iron cannons of 17th century. Morethan 400 cannons are available over here. It is actually believed that Barbados is a secret island. You can find cannons in everywhere like gardens, buildings, beaches etc. The reason behind largest cannon collection was Barbados was a strong military base in 17th & 18th centuries.

4. The Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum

Address: Magazine Ln, Bridgetown, Barbados.

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This Jewish synagogue was opened in 1654, located at Bridgetown. Barbados National Trust is protecting this 17th century synagogue. This is included in World heritage list and the attractions are the mikvah-a natural body of water used as a pool for bathing, the attractive bimah and a cemetery associated with it.

5. Morgan Lewis Windmill

Address: Morgan Lewis, Barbados.

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You can witness the last sugar windmill in Barbados. Through a guided or self-guided tour you can explore the interior portion of this mill. Apart from these you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city from here. You can understand this is the only one among two operating wind mills in the World.

6. Baobab Trees

Address: Constitution Rd, Bridgetown, Barbados.

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You can find large Baobab trees in Queen�s Park, Bridgetown as of 1000yrs old. The tree is of African origin and considered as one of the wonder of Barbados. This is very massive in size and the fruit of this tree is known as monkey bread due to its look. Its trunk has huge water storage capacity so that existence would be so long.

7. Bridge Town

Address: Bridgetown, Barbados.

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Don�t miss to visit the capital as well as vibrant city of Barbados. This is a historic site and you can find both old and new buildings in this town. This is the commercial hub of Barbados. The things you can explore here are duty free shopping, fine dining, street walks, fishing boats, catamarans, local bars etc.

8. Flower Forest

Address: 611 Main St, Forest City, PA 18421, United States.

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If you are a nature lower, or a lover of flowers, don�t miss to visit this garden. This botanical garden has different species of plant like palm trees, shrubs and rich in colourful varieties of flowers. This is a fantastic spot to conduct festivals and events over here.

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