Top Attractions In Nice-france

Nice is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department and the seventh most populous urban area in France. The nickname of the city is Nice la Bella which means Nice the Beautiful, this is the title of the unofficial anthem of Nice. There are many things to see and do in Nice. The top attractions in Nice are;

1. Nice Cathedral

Address: 3 Pl. Rossetti, 06300 Nice, France.

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Nice Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the city of Nice in southern France. It was opened in the year 1949. The cathedral was built for the speculation of the Virgin Mary and Saint Reparata. Since 1906 August 6 Nice Cathedral was considered a national monument.

2. Place Massena

Address: 13 Place Massena, 06000 Nice, France.

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The Place Massena is a historic square in Nice and is the main square of the city. Visitors can walk along with the lush Massena garden and impressive fountains. Avenue Jean Medecin is a great place for shopping near to the Place Massena.

3. Parc Phoenix

Address: 405 Prom. des Anglais, 06200 Nice, France.

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Parc Phoenix is a botanical garden and a zoo located at Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France. It was opened in February 1990. The park is one of the largest greenhouse called the 'Green Diamond.' Exotic birds, swans, pelicans, ducks, rare orchids and other plants are the things that you can mainly see in Parc Phoenix.

4. Castle Plage

Address: 8 Quai des √Čtats-Unis, 06300 Nice, France.

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Castle Plage is a private beach in Nice. The crystal clear blue water and shining white sand give a relaxing feel to the visitors. After relaxing you can grab food from the nearby beach restaurant which serves tasty beach foods.

5. French Riviera

Address: Nice, France.

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The French Riviera is the largest city of Nice. It is a major area for yachting and cruising. This is the first modern resort area coastline. The special feature of the French Riviera is that it has a Mediterranean climate, with sunny, hot, dry summer and mild winter.

6. Cours Saleya

Address: Cours Saleya, 06300 Nice, France.

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Cours Saleya is situated at the heart of Vieux Nice and is the main pedestrian route of old Nice. There are many things to see and do in Cours Saleya. It's better to walk and enjoy the Cours Saleya as there are many restaurants for tasting varieties of food and a wide variety of markets for shopping.

7. Castle Hill

Address: Castle of Nice, 06300 Nice, France.

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In past Castle Hill was mainly used for military purpose but today it is used as a park. Castle Hill is a must-visit place in Nice and visitors who visit Nice will never go back without visiting Castle Hill. It is mainly called "the cradle of the sun."

8. Parc du Mont Boron

Address: 4 Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck, 06300 Nice, France.

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Parc du Mont Boron is situated at the eastern part of the Nice City. It is a hilltop forest with exercise circuits, olive trees, picnic areas, boules pitches, a castle of 16th-century and hiking trails. Parc du Mont Boron is a "Parc zero Pesticide" which means no pesticides are used by its ground keepers.

9. Lascaris Palace

Address: 15 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice, France.

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The Lascaris Palace is a 17th-century aristocratic building in Nice. It is a museum that displays a collection of musical instruments. The palace is famous for its decoration and architecture. The visitors who love musical instruments Lascaris Palace is the best option for them.

10. Place Garibaldi

Address: Place Garibaldi, 06300 Nice, France.

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Place Garibaldi is a beautiful and a place for relaxing. It is a large square in Nice which is located on the northern edge of the Vieux-Nice district. The place was named after the Italian military figure, Giuseppe Garibaldi. It was designed by Antoine Spinelli. The style of architecture of Garibaldi has an Italian touch.

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