Top Attractions In Qatar

Qatar is a country located in Western Asia. Qatar is a must-visit tourist place and is the richest city in the whole world. There are unique and different skyscrapers. There are many things to do and see in Qatar;

1. Doha Film City

Address: Film City, Qatar.

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The Doha Film City is in Ras Abrouq. The Film City is created in a way how an old village looks like during the Islamic days. The area mainly attracts tourists and no dwellers are present in this area. Film City resembles the mini Arabic town.

2. Doha Zoo

Address: Ar-Rayyan, Qatar.

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Doha Zoo is one of the largest and most attractive zoos in Qatar which attracts more and more visitors to the zoo. The zoo has been renewed and reopened which is seven times larger and better than the old zoo. This is a Safari. Park and the Safari trips are boat trips, car trips and safari for children.

3. Katara Cultural Village

Address: Doha, Qatar.

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If you are an Architectural Historian then Katara Cultural Village is the best option for you. It is also known as Valley Of Culture. There are international restaurants inside the Cultural Village that serves dishes like Egyptian, Turkish, Indian and American. The Childhood Culture Centre, Culture Music Academy, and Theatre Society and the Qatar Fine Arts Society are some of the structures within the Village.

4. Souq Waqif

Address: souq waqif, doha, Doha, Qatar.

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Souq Waqif is a market place and is one of the most famous tourist spots in Qatar. Everyone loves Souq Waqif because of its shops that sell spices, handicrafts, souvenirs, herbs, and traditional Qatari garments. There are several restaurants and a Shisha lounges too. This is the only area that retains an authentic feel in its culture, commerce, and architecture.

5. Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Address: Doha, Qatar.

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Museum of Islamic Art, Doha is the first museum which features cultural and historical Islamic Art of the entire region of Persia, the museum was established on 22 November 2008. The museum has five floors in which there are woodworks, fabrics, ancient scripts, old money, jewelry, etc. There are many other facilities within the museum such as a restaurant, park, library and workshop for school and the general public.

6. Al Wakrah Heritage Village

Address: Al Wakrah, Qatar.

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Al Wakrah Heritage Village is located at Al Wakrah and was opened in the year 2014. The village is a part of the Al Wakrah Development Project. There are many shops and restaurants in the village. The outlook of the village is old and traditional but modern goods and services are being sold there.

7. Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort

Address: Sealine Beach Rd, Mesaieed, Qatar.

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Sealine Beach is owned by Katara Hospitality and Management by Murwab Hotel group. This is the best destination for families who wants a fun time break. This is also an ideal place for meetings and events. There are many activities like Jet Ski rentals, banana boat and fly board and sand activities like dunes, a camel or a horse ride.

8. Doha Corniche

Address: Doha Corniche, Doha, Qatar.

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Doha Corniche is a large water body that extends 7kms along Doha Bay in the Capital city of Qatar. Qatar National Day and National Sports Day take place at Corniche and people used to go for jogging along the Bay. Corniche is a peaceful place you can take rest and can also enjoy the beauty of the Bay seeing the sunset sitting on the ledges.

9. Aspire Park

Address: Aspire Park Running Trail, Doha, Qatar.

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Aspire Park is a famous tourist spot in Qatar and is located in Aspire Zone. It is the best destination for picnics and family outdoors. This is a park full of greenery that is there are green grass, green trees, and green plants. The other features of the park are beautiful fountains, recreation grounds for children and other fun features.

10. Khor Al Adaid

Address: Inland Sea, Qatar.

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Khor Al Adaid is also known as the "Inland Sea." The unique specialty Khor Al Adaid is that it is a coupling of beach with dunes. There are dune rides such as trekking the roller coaster and Strapping in a jeep or a truck. Special types of plants and animals are present in this area.

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