Top Attractions To Enjoy In Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful Central American country with plenty of visitor attractions. You can explore Palaces, National museums, colonial buildings, coffee fields, ancient Mayan sites, rainforests, and volcanoes.

1. Tikal

Address: Tikal, Guatemala.

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This is a popular archaeological site where you can find ruins of Mayan periods. This site is located in the middle of the lush green jungle where you can get chances to watch rare species of birds and exotic animals.

2. Alta Verapaz

Address: Alta Verapaz Department, Guatemala.

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This is a popular agricultural site in Guatemala with plenty of fertile valleys, coffee plantations, and rich biodiversity. It is situated in the city of Coban where you can explore years of old churches with stunning architecture, you can visit Laguna Lachua National Park where you can enjoy bird-watching, hiking, swimming in natural pools, etc.

3. Flores

Address: Flores, Guatemala.

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This beautiful colonial town is situated on the lake Peten Itza. You can simply walk through the cobblestone streets, enjoy colonial architecture, or spend some moments for kayaking on this beautiful lake.

4. Antigua

Address: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala.

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This is another colonial city in Guatemala. This is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. You can find the beauty of colonial architecture and this city houses several churches and popular attractions are Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, Santa Catalina Arch, San Francisco Church, etc.

5. El Mirador

Address: Guatemala.

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El Mirador is another ancient Mayan site and through a scenic hiking you can reach in this dense forest. And it will take 5-6 days to hike where you can find beautiful species of plants, birds, and animals over here.

6. Chichicastenango

Address: Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

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This is a famous market in Guatemala City and if you love shopping, you must visit here. This open-air market is open of all Thursdays and Sundays. You can find plenty of shops sell handicraft items, Guatemala Fabrics, also in this site you can find the Museum of Ceremonial Masks and Archaeological Museums.

7. El Boqueron Canyon

Address: El Boquerón, Guatemala.

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This is another natural wonder you can explore in Guatemala. You can find massive limestone caves and caves surrounded by lush green forests here. This is one of the most photographed sites in Guatemala.

8. Coban

Address: Cobán, Guatemala.

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This is another charming colonial city in Guatemala. This city attracts visitors with its scenic beauty. Popular attractions over here are Lachua National Park and Semuc Champey with several outdoor activities, Church of el Calvario, Orchid Nursery, etc.

9. Finca Paraiso

Address: Izabal, Guatemala.

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This is a beautiful hot spring waterfall that plunges into a cold river. This is a privately owned property located near Rio Dulce where you can enjoy waterfall massages, and can hike to the top of this fall to enjoy mud bath.

10. Castillo de San Felipe de Lara

Address: Río Dulce, Livingston, Guatemala.

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This historic fort dated back to the 1600s and located in Rio Dulce. This is a well-preserved castle once was used to defend against pirates. Popular visitor- attractions are huge towers, prison towers and stunning views of the lake.

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