Travel Through The Magical Islands Of Cape Verde

Cape Verde may not be so popular among tourists. But this is situated on the west coast of Africa and has some amazing islands with number of entertaining activities. Magical beaches, volcanic mountains, rich flora and fauna, hiking trials, cobbled streets and much more to offer for visitors. Some of the best islands in Cape Verde are;

1. Santiago

Address: Santiago, Cape Verde.

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Santiago Photo

Santiago is the largest and most beautiful island in Cape Verde. It has long white sand beaches and you can enjoy number of outdoor activities over here including bird watching, diving, guided tours etc. This island is surrounded by natural beauty include beautiful landscapes, mountains, stunning green valleys. While roaming on the island you will get chances to meet wildlife and rare species of birds. Santiago Island is a popular snorkeling destination among Cape Verde Islands.

2. Boa Vista

Address: Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

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Boa Vista is popular for sand dunes and volcanic landscapes. Visitors are attracted to this island due to its golden sand beaches and crystal clear water. The popular identity of this Island is Christopher Columbus visited this Island on 1948. This is the 3rd largest Island in Cape Verde. The highest point of this island is Monte Estancia Mountain. This island and the beaches over here are perfect places for relax and you will get chances to see Humpback whales often and number of recreational activities are ready for visitors.

3. Maio

Address: Maio, Cape Verde.

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Maio, a small and charming island located at the South of Bao Vista. Even though this is small, it has some beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise water. This is a less exploited island, so that if people are looking for a peace atmosphere to relax, this is the best choice. You can enjoy number of water sports activities at the beach and can enjoy jeep safari. You can also visit the charming neighbouring villages nearby this island like Calheta, a fishing village with many colourful houses, Morro village which is popular for handicrafts etc.

4. Santa Luzia

Address: Santa Luzia, Cape Verde.

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Santa Luzia is associated with Barlavento archipelago and of volcanic origin. This is the smallest island in Cape Verde and now functioning as Cape Verde?s most prominent Nature reserve. This island was found by Portuguese explorers. The highest point in the island is Monte Grande with 395meters. You can find number of rare species of birds and sub-aquatic species in the coastal water.

5. Fogo

Address: 1775 Tysons Blvd Suite 50, Tysons, VA 22102, United States.

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The island is circle shaped and of active volcanic origin. You can enjoy number of outdoor activities in this Island including climbing up volcano, guided walk tours through cobbled paths, bird watching etc. Fogo was created out of volcanic eruption and the picture square scenes are amazing. Pico do Fogo is the highest point in this Island. You will get opportunity to taste some quality food and drinks.

6. Sao Vicente

Address: São Vicente, Cape Verde.

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Sao Vicente Photo

Sao Vicente islands have number of volcanic peaks and sandy beaches. It has many things to offer for visitors like best hiking trials to Green mountain and from the top you will have to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire island, water sports activities like windsurfing, spot fishing, boating, and there are restaurant which offer best sea food restaurants, if you want to enjoy some of the best shopping experience, you can visit Mindelo, the capital of Sao Vicente. Also if you are a music lover, you can enjoy traditional music festivals over here.

7. Sal

Address: Sal, Cape Verde.

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Sal Photo

This is another stunning island in Cape Verde has some beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise water and there are number of water sports activities to entertain visitors includes swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing, diving and kite surfing. Even though this island is look like a desert island, it has lot much to offer for visitors. Also you will get chances for whale watching, turtle watching, horse riding, bird watching, guided jeep tours etc.

8. Brava

Address: 15921 Frederick Rd, Rockville, MD 20855, United States.

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Brava is comparatively small and remote Island in Cape Verde but you can enjoy some amazing natural sceneries over here. It has some amazing mountains, valleys and magical beaches. Monte Fontainhas peak is the highest point in this island. Due to its vast flora and fauna, this island is called as ?island of flowers?. You can reach this island through a ferry service only, but definitely a thrilling trip for you.

9. Santo Antao

Address: Santo Antão, Cape Verde.

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Santo Antao Photo

This island is known as the paradise for hikers. This is the largest island among Barlavento Islands group and situated on the western most side of Cape Verde. Porto Novo is the largest city in this island. Walking trials are the best option to explore this island. Also it has stunning valleys and breath-taking mountains. You can do plenty of outdoor activities here including Canyoning, bird watching, self- guided walking etc.

10. Sao Nicolau

Address: São Nicolau, Cape Verde.

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This beautiful island lies in between Sal and Santa Luzia. This is a popular hiking destination in Cape Verde and the popular trial starts from Praia Branca to Faja. While hiking you can enjoy the surrounding greeneries and cobbled paths to mountains are really peculiar to visitors. Ribeira Brava is the major town in this island attract visitors with its multi-coloured houses and colonial architecture.

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