Travel Through The Popular Festivals Of Portugal - An Exploration To The Culture Of Portugal

All year around, the Portugal people are celebrating festivals and events. If you are a traveler or if you want to understand the culture and tradition of Portugal, The best time to visit during festival seasons. Most of the festivals are of party mode, filled with fun and happiness. Here is the list of some popularly celebrated festivals in Portugal.

1. Carnaval

Address: 1320 Port Republic Rd, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, United States.

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Carnaval Photo

Undoubtedly we can say that this is the most attractive and interesting festival in Portugal. Usually, this festival takes place during the month of February or March. Carnaval in Lisbon and Algarve is very popular and celebrated by different communities in different ways. Street parades with floats, masks, art performances, colorful feather- and sequin-bedecked spandex, etc are the highest attractions of this festival.

2. Sintra Music Festival

Address: Sintra, Portugal.

Sintra Music Festival Photo

This is the biggest music festival in Portugal. If you are a music lover, try to present at this festival. Music shows of International bands and Musicians are conducting here at Parks and public places.

3. Lisboa Dance Festival

Address: Av. Brasília 254, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Lisboa Dance Festival Photo

Lisboa Dance festival established in Portugal very recently but due to its uniqueness, it gains wide popularity. It is an electronic dance festival conducting in the month of March. You can enjoy the beauty and exciting trends in electronic music and can dance with the electronic rhythm.

4. Semana Santa

Address: Loulé, Portugal.

Semana Santa Photo

This festival is also known as Holy week in Algarve and you can find the entire city is decorated with flowers and lights. The biggest among them is in Loule known as Festa da Mae Soberana. Huge flower crosses are made in procession and destroyed in a special ceremony.

5. Iberian Mask Festival

Address: Lisbon, Portugal.

Iberian Mask Festival Photo

This 4-day celebration in May is taking place to express the relationship between Spanish and Portuguese region. People wear funky masks and costumes and doing parades on the streets. The masks are the highlight of this the festival because it is unique and shows the deep relationship among Spanish and Portugal people.

6. Festa das Cruzes

Address: R. João Macedo Correia 98, 4750-303 Barcelos, Portugal.

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Festa das Cruzes Photo

This colorful festival is happening during the Month of May in Barcelos. This is known as the festival of crosses and the biggest festival of Barcelos. This is a religious festival with colorful parades, fireworks, circus performances, and horse races.

7. Arraial Pride

Address: R. dos Fanqueiros 38, 1100-231 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Arraial Pride Photo

This is an annual gay pride festival of LGBT community in Portugal. You can celebrate this festival with a lot of entertainment options like night markets, late night wine shops, music, food & drink, etc. Normally this festival takes place during the month of June.

8. Festa de Sao Joao

Festa de Sao Joao Photo

This festival is celebrating in memory of St John the Baptist every June in Porto. Street parades and fireworks continue the full night. As a part of this celebration people bash each other over the head with plastic hammers and watch folk dramas and dance programs.

9. Rock in Rio-Lisboa

Address: Av. Dr. Arlindo Vicente 406, Lisboa, Portugal.

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Rock in Rio-Lisboa Photo

This music festival in Lisbon is considered as one of the biggest music festivals in the World. Usually, it takes place during the month of June for five days. Various music performances of popular musicians are able to see here on these days.

10. Kizomba New Year's Eve Fest

Address: Estrada do Forte do Alto do Duque, 1400-009 Lisboa, Portugal.

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Kizomba New Year's Eve Fest Photo

This is the most vibrant festival for the beginning of a year in Portugal filled with fireworks, dance and music programs at Kizomba. This continues for three days with colorful performances and gives you a lot of energy.

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