Travel Through The Treasures Of Nagaland

As the name indicated this is the land of �Nagas�, an indigenous tribe�s category over here. The state is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty like waterfalls, streams, lush green forests, mountains, traditional villages, colorful festivals, etc.

1. Kohima

Address: Kohima, Nagaland, India.

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This is the beautiful capital city of Nagaland. You can explore breath-taking hills, lush green forests over here and this is a popular destination for hiking, picnicking & camping. Other natural attractions are Kohima State Museum & Zoo, Shilloi Lake, Khonoma Village, and Kisama Heritage Village, World War II cemetery, Japfu Peak, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

2. Mon

Address: Mon, Nagaland, India.

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This is a traditional village in Nagaland and very popular for handlooms & wooden carvings. The town is known as� the land of anghs� because the area was under the ruling of Kings once. You can find people wearing traditional costumes, can experience their way of living etc and popular tourist attractions are Naganimora, Veda Peak, etc.

3. Phek

Address: Phek, Nagaland 797108, India.

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This is a paradise for nature lovers. It has breath-taking hills, stunning views of valleys, charming lakes, beautiful river & waterfalls, etc. And if you are visiting the festival season, you can enjoy participating in it also.

4. Dimapur

Address: Dimapur, Nagaland, India.

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This is the gateway to Nagaland and the largest city in the state. Things you can enjoy here are 13th-century buildings with beautiful architecture, amazing hills & valleys, less crowded villages, historical monuments like ruins of Kachari, Nagaland Science Centre, Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, etc.

5. Kiphire

Address: Kiphire, Nagaland 798611, India.

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This is the land of outdoor activities. You can find the highest peak of Nagaland �Saramati� over here also can enjoy hiking, biking, trekking, camping, rafting, picnicking etc over here. Also, you can enjoy the view of beautiful waterfalls, historic caves, charming villages etc here.

6. Mokokchung

Address: Mokokchung, Nagaland, India.

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This is the most beautiful district in Nagaland with amazing natural surroundings like lush green forests, valleys, woodlands, etc. There are traditional villages where you can explore the culture, tradition, lifestyle, festivals etc of the people who live here. Also visit District Museum, Town Principle Park, Unman town, the Ao town etc over here.

7. Wokha

Address: Wokha, Nagaland 797111, India.

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If you want to know more about the tribes� lives here, take a visit to this beautiful village. Lotha tribe is the major population over here and there are local markets from where you can by 100% natural fruits & vegetables. Other attractions are Mount Tiyi, Baghty Valley, Doyang River, and Hydro Project, etc.

8. Dzukou Valley

Address: Mao, Manipur, India.

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What makes this valley a must-visit attraction in Nagaland is its beautiful rivers, streams, different species of flowers & plants, a variety of birds & animals, etc. You can enjoy hiking, trekking, picnicking, camping, fishing etc and other attractions are charming villages, Intanki Sanctuary, colorful festivals, etc.

9. Tuensang

Address: Tuensang, Nagaland, India.

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This is one of the popular urban settings in Nagaland borders with Myanmar. You will get all amenities over here includes fine restaurants, hotels with luxury accommodations, shopping corners, cafes, etc.

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