Wonders Awaits You In The South Island Of New Zealand

South Islands can offer you some of the best natural scenic hotspots including a number of National Parks, lakes, glaciers, peaks, castles, etc. These areas are becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations in New Zealand. Here is the list of 8 beautiful places you must visit in the South Island of New Zealand.

1. Lake Wakatipu

Address: 76/92 Hensman Road, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand.

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Lake Wakatipu Photo

Lake Wakatipu is the longest lake in New Zealand with the length of 80km. This is located in the Otago region of South Island. The surrounding beautiful mountain adds its beauty. And the region is very popular for paragliding, bungy jumping, skiing, tramping tracks, pedal tours, etc. Bob's cave is the highest attractive point in the lake and the 'Z' shape is also very special for watching.

2. Larnach Castle

Address: 145 Camp Road, Dunedin 9077, New Zealand.

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Larnach Castle Photo

This popular castle was built by a famous entrepreneur William Larnach in 1871. Later this castle was owned and managed by Barker family and opens for public. It offers guests some attractive in-house events and the most particular one are Annual Winter Ball. Its garden is one of the 5 popular and beautiful gardens in the World. The architecture and interiors are very attractive including cat artwork, vintage furniture, and striking designs. Visitors can also opt for accommodations over here with fine dining.

3. Abel Tasman National Park

Address: South Island 7183, New Zealand.

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Abel Tasman National Park Photo

This natural Park was established in 1942, has some amazing white sand beaches, famous Abel Tasman coast track, and granite cliffs. This is the smallest National Park in New Zealand. The entertainment activities you can enjoy here are kayaking, sailing catamaran, hiking, paddling, swimming, sunbathing and of course, the list never ends. And you might get chances to see bottlenose dolphins, little blue penguins, etc.

4. Milford Sound

Address: Milford Sound, New Zealand.

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Milford Sound Photo

This is a point where you can enjoy the natural beauty at its maximum including towering hills, waterfalls and rain forests. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the site is carved by glaciers during ice ages. This is called "8th wonder of the World" by Rudyard Kipling. You can also entertain yourself by kayaking, diving, helicopter watching, rafting, hiking, skiing and also you will get chances to enjoy some natural food and drinks.

5. Aoraki / Mount Cook

Address: Mt Cook, Canterbury 7999, New Zealand.

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Aoraki / Mount Cook Photo

This is must visit destination. Aoraki/ Mount Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand lies & in the Southern Alps. This is a paradise for trekking lovers with the fantastic views of glaciers. This mountain is located in the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can find 19 peaks with a height of 3000 meters. Also, you can enjoy hunting and camping to this stunning point.

6. Canterbury Museum

Address: Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand.

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Canterbury Museum Photo

This historical museum was established in 1867 and located in the Christ church city. The museum exhibits the history and tradition of ancient periods. This museum is categorized in "Historic Place- Category 1'- by New Zealand Heritage. It has vast collections about the Maori and European occupation of Canterbury, geology, natural sciences, New Zealand birds, and international displays on Antarctica, etc.

7. Coronet Peak Ski Area

Address: Coronet Peak Ski Area, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand.

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Coronet Peak Ski Area Photo

This is a paradise of ski field in Queenstown. This is the commercial ski field and the coldest mountain of Queenstown. Skiing and snowboarding are popular activities you can enjoy here. Some of the popular International ski races are conducting here. The exciting facilities, beautiful roller coaster terrain makes this a favorite location for snow lovers.

8. Karamea

Address: Karamea, New Zealand.

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Karamea Photo

Karamea is considered as the hidden gem of New Zealand's West coast. The things you can enjoy here include the whiskey colored river, caves, limestone arches, river estuaries, less crowded beaches, beautiful lakes, and rainforests. Also, you can enjoy some short walks includes Nikau Walk and Scotts beach walk.

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