5 Adventure Traveler Vacation Destination In Bar Harbor

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1. Bubble Rock Overlook

Address: Park Loop Rd, Mt Desert.

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Bubble Rock Overlook Photo

This is an amazing scenic spot in Mount Desert, Maine and located inside Acadia National Park. Through a thrilling and scenic trail, you can reach over here and enjoy breath-taking views of surrounding.

2. Acadia National Park

Address: Maine, United States.

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Acadia National Park Photo

This National Park was established in 1916 and spreads around 47,000 acres with attractions like glacier-scoured granite peaks, rocky beaches, woodlands and chances to see the rare species of birds and animals

3. Atlantic Climbing School

Address: 67 Main St, Bar Harbor.

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Atlantic Climbing School Photo

This is a renowned school that teaches rock climbing instructions safely

4. Bar Harbor Land Bridge

Address: Bar Island Trail, Sorrento.

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Bar Harbor Land Bridge Photo

This is a bridge in Bar Harbour and you can cross over to Bar Island through this natural land bridge.

5. Ocean Path Trailhead

Address: Bar Harbor.

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Ocean Path Trailhead Photo

This is a trailhead in Bar Harbour which starts from the Acadia coastline and you can enjoy the stunning views of wild roses, boulders and landmarks all the way