6 Kids Friendly Vacation Destination In Vermont

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1. Mercer's On Main

Address: 217 N Main St, Vermont.

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This is a popualr Bowling alley in Vermont.

2. Champs Chicken

Address: 209 N Main St, Vermont.

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It serves delicious Chicken cuisines.

3. Mel's Diner

Address: Vermont.

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This restaurant is popular in Vermont for healthy and tasty cuisines.

4. State Street Grill

Address: 118 Walnut St, Astoria.

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It serves delicious American cuisines plus bar.

5. Dairy Dipper

Address: 301 E Broadway, Astoria.

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Dairy Dipper Photo

This is a fine dining restaurant in Vermont.

6. The Main Drag Bar & Grill

Address: 104 W Broadway, Astoria.

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It serves classic American cuisines.