3 Photography Vacation Destination In Alabama

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1. Akron Falls Park

Address: 44 Parkview Dr, Akron.

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Akron Falls Park Photo

This is a beautiful nature park with the highest attraction of a 40-foot waterfall on Murder Creek and a small stream that flows through the park.

2. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Address: Casey Rd, Basom.

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Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge Photo

This wildlife refuge is operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service where you can enjoy fishing, photography, nature walking, and, of course, wildlife observation

3. American Legion.

Address: 6554 Alleghany Rd, Basom.

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American Legion. Photo

It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.