12 Photography Vacation Destination In Manchester

1. Cheney Rail Trail

Address: 39 Lodge Dr, Manchester.

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Cheney Rail Trail Photo

This is a popular hiking area in Manchester with excellent scenic views.

2. Oak Grove Nature Center

Address: 269 Oak Grove St, Manchester.

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Oak Grove Nature Center Photo

This nature center exhibits information about the flora & fauna in this area.

3. Valley Falls Park

Address: 300 Valley Falls Rd, Vernon.

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Valley Falls Park Photo

This park is known for hiking, fishing, seasonal swimming, or a picnic in the pavilion.

4. Mount Nebo Park

Address: Manchester.

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Mount Nebo Park Photo

This is a beautiful green park to spend some relaxing moments with your family.

5. Wickham Park

Address: 1329 Middle Turnpike W, Manchester.

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Wickham Park Photo

This park consists of 280 acres of gardens, open fields, woodlands, ponds, picnic areas, and sports facilities.

6. Case Mountain

Address: 640 Spring St, Manchester.

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Case Mountain Photo

This is an excellent recreational area with hiking, biking, driving, photography, etc.

7. Lutz Children's Museum

Address: 247 S Main St, Manchester.

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Lutz Children's Museum Photo

This is a non-profit children's museum in Manchester.

8. Charter Oak Park

Address: Manchester.

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Charter Oak Park Photo

This park is a perfect park to spend a picnic day.

9. Cheney Homestead

Address: 106 Hartford Rd, Manchester.

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Cheney Homestead Photo

This museum was the 18th-century home of a noted local clockmaker & silk industry pioneer with original furnishings.

10. The Fire Museum

Address: 230 Pine St, Manchester.

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The Fire Museum Photo

This museum exhibits tracing fire service history, plus a replica station.

11. Center Springs Park

Address: 39 Lodge Dr, Manchester.

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Center Springs Park Photo

This is a beautiful public park with a disc-golf course, waterfall, looped trail & fishing from a pier on a small lake.

12. Old Manchester Museum

Address: 126 Cedar St, Manchester.

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Old Manchester Museum Photo

This historic museum houses amazing works of archaeology, anthropology and natural history and is owned by the University of Manchester.